Data Management Services

When the myriad of tasks involved in enterprise data management threatens to overwhelm overburdened IT teams, data management services from Qlik can help.

Qlik provides a data management software portfolio designed to solve data integration and Big Data management challenges. By accelerating data delivery and availability, automating data analytics and optimizing data management, Qlik enables companies worldwide to glean greater value from their data. Our solutions support many types of integration across the industry's broadest variety of platforms, addressing data lifecycle management issues in data warehouses, Hadoop, SAP, modern databases and real-time messaging systems for streaming architecture such as Kafka.

For organizations that want to accelerate projects and reduce risk when implementing an Qlik big data solution, we offer data management services that enable IT teams to offload significant aspects of data management, allowing them to focus on fulfilling other core business goals.

The Qlik data management services team

Qlik data management services are provided by a team of professionals with expertise in a wide array of technologies, technical architectures, business challenges and industry verticals. From initial design through implementation, our data management services team delivers the knowledge, expertise and proven methodology required to implement Qlik solutions most effectively to improve project success rates.

Data management services from Qlik

Our data management services include three programs for implementing Qlik software.

QuickStart for Qlik Replicate®. We offer data management services designed to accelerate rollout of an Qlik Replicate implementation, providing on-site and remote-assistance sessions in a five-day engagement. Our professional services team also provides instruction on best practices regarding Replicate configuration, optimization and maintenance.

Qlik Replicate Comprehensive Deployment. These data management services provide broader assistance to accelerate implementation of Qlik Replicate. Our professional services team provides on-site assistance with deployment and migration initiatives, helping to plan, design and configure a successful Replicate implementation. We can also augment IT staff with a resident engineer who can assist with deployment, architecture planning, administration and tuning. And our team can help provide performance tuning to evaluate system performance, adjust replication settings and ensure that the Replicate environment is tuned and optimized to address business needs.

Qlik Gold Client® Implementation. Our SAP software engineers deliver on-site and remote assistance for implementations of Qlik Gold Client solutions that are designed to reduce storage requirements, simplify SAP test data management, and reduce security risk for SAP environments.