Data Management Company

As enterprises strive to gain more value from their data, partnering with the right data management company is imperative.

Data is a critical asset for organizations as they seek to win customers, increase revenue and improve operations. With Big Data and cloud technologies, the opportunity to gain value from data is greater than ever – provided organizations can overcome the challenges of enterprise data management.

Gathering data from hundreds or thousands of heterogeneous sources is difficult enough, but quickly ingesting it into analytic platforms to make it available for business insight is even harder. Ensuring access to the freshest data and capturing changes is complex and expensive. And transforming data for analytic needs often requires manual processes and significant developer resources.

By partnering with the right data management company, enterprises can more easily accelerate ingestion of data from the industry's broadest array of platforms and simplify replication, synchronization, consolidation and analysis of data for business purposes.

When choosing a data management company, more organizations worldwide today are turning to Qlik data management software to help address the many challenges of data lifecycle management.

Qlik: a leading data management company

Qlik provides software, solutions and data management services that help to accelerate data delivery, increase data availability, automate data analytics and optimize Big Data management.

From data warehouses and modern databases to SAP, Hadoop distributions and real-time messaging systems like Kafka, enterprises use our products in a broad range of data environments to capture more value from more data while saving time, improving efficiency and minimizing cost. As a data management company and partner of choice to Microsoft, Teradata, Hortonworks, AWS and more, we have developed solutions that enable organizations to increase heterogeneous data availability while optimizing data for analytics and reducing dependence on developers.

A data management company offering comprehensive solutions

As a leading data integration and analytics company, Qlik provides a comprehensive suite of software solutions to more than 38,000 customers globally. Our data integration offerings include:

  • Qlik Replicate®. This powerful software solution is the core product of our data management company. Qlik Replicate enables enterprises to accelerate data replication, ingestion and streaming across a broad variety of databases, data warehouses and Big Data platforms.
  • Qlik Compose®. This software solution accelerates and simplifies the design, development, testing and deployment of data warehouses, optimizing big data usage and accelerating time to analytics.
  • Qlik Gold Client®. By streamlining and improving SAP test data, this solution reduces storage requirements, improves quality and availability of test data and reduces security risk for SAP environments.

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