Big Data Management

As more organizations look to Big Data to deliver critical business intelligence, IT teams must find superior solutions for Big Data management. The challenges of Big Data management are many – from managing exponential growth in data volumes to generating timely insights and integrating disparate data sources.

The right Big Data management solution will accelerate data ingestion, simplify real-time analytics, monitor data usage, control costs and more easily manage Big Data workloads. For a growing number of companies worldwide, Attunity provides enterprise data management solutions that can enhance data delivery and availability, automate data readiness and optimize Big Data management with intelligence.

Streamline Big Data management with Attunity

As a leading data management company, Attunity is a pioneer in heterogeneous data availability, supporting data integration across a wide variety of platforms. From modern databases, SAP, Hadoop, data warehouses and real-time messaging systems like Kafka, Attunity's software enables organizations to improve agility, enhance analytics and minimize the need for developers in Big Data management.

Attunity big data management software provides:

  • A unified platform for loading and ingesting data on-premises and in the cloud.
  • An intuitive GUI that automates data ingestion, data replication, data warehouse management and ETL generation.
  • High performance with real-time updates.
  • Broad support for many source and target platforms.
  • Centralized monitoring and control with scheduling, notifications and alerts.

Attunity solutions for Big Data management

You can use Attunity for Big Data management scenarios such as:

  • Data ingestion into Hadoop data lakes. Attunity provides an easy and scalable data ingest platform that supports many source database systems and can deliver data efficiently to optimize performance for various types of data lakes.
  • Streaming data ingest to Apache Kafka. Attunity has minimal the impact on source systems, reduces complexity, the need for custom development, and scales efficiently to support a large variety of data sources.
  • Mainframe integration with big data. Attunity offers a simple and cost-effective way to feed mainframe data to Big Data management environments, including all major Hadoop distributions.
  • Data usage and workload analytics. Attunity delivers comprehensive data usage and workload analytics for all Hadoop distributions including MapR, Cloudera and Hortonworks.