The modern business imperative to make better decisions faster has driven the demand for real-time data integration within the enterprise. Sometimes this data integration means replicating the latest operational and customer data and distributing it to far-flung parts of the enterprise, empowering the entire organization to make timely, data-driven decisions and build interactive data visualizations.

Today's IT managers focus on ingesting replicated production data into a consolidated data warehouse platform such as Snowflake or Redshift. The challenge in this context is to achieve real-time data integration without putting strain on the production systems. IT teams are also tasked with implementing real-time data integration pipelines that can support diverse source data types and adapt to changing business requirements.

Real-Time Data Integration with Qlik

Often in an effort to attain the benefits of a real-time data warehouse, companies are forced to place additional processing load on to their mission-critical production systems. Many technologies for real-time data integration rely on running resource-hungry agents on the source systems, and/or running resource-intensive procedures on those systems.

Qlik Replicate® – the real-time data integration solution of choice for more than 2000 businesses worldwide and half the Fortune 100 – is different. Qlik Replicate features a lightweight, highly scalable change data capture (CDC) technology that relies on parsing source system transaction logs. Qlik CDC technology enables enterprises to access and load only the changed data in a source system, to avoid constantly performing full historical data loads that consume bandwidth and take time. Furthermore, unlike some solutions, Qlik Replicate does not employ agents or procedures on the sources, and therefore provides real-time data ingestion into data warehouses or big data analytics platforms without degrading the performance of the source systems.

Real-Time Data Integration Between Nearly Any Source and Destination

Qlik is the better way to accomplish real-time data integration in your enterprise. Along with delivering real-time data integration without impairing production system performance, Qlik Replicate is:

  • Simple to use. With Qlik, real-time data integration jobs can be configured, run, and monitored though a graphical console, with no need for manual coding or scripting. Rather than data integration initiatives getting put on hold until development staff are available, with Qlik Replicate data architects and database administrators are empowered to take the lead in creating bulk load and real-time data integration pipelines.
  • Versatile. In one unified data integration solution, Qlik provides support for data movement and integration between any major database system, data warehouse platform, or legacy mainframe system, as well as support for integrating with newer technologies like Hadoop and real-time Kafka streams. Qlik Replicate users can implement and monitor a wide range of data integration jobs and processes, all through a single GUI.
  • Cloud-friendly. Along with integration between on-premises systems, Qlik Replicate provides easy and secure integration between on-premises systems and cloud destinations including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Real-time data integration within and between cloud platforms is also supported, such as AWS SQL Server replication from the Amazon RDS platform, or Amazon RDS replication for other types of databases, such as Oracle or MySQL.