Accelerate Data Integration for Big Data Analytics

Qlik Replicate® offers fast set up and streamlined loading from a wide variety of sources for the Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS). It empowers APS users, allowing them to  quickly integrate data from heterogeneous data sources and maintain the changed data continuously.

Qlik Replicate Supports:

  • Quick set up of data feeds featuring a drag-and-drop graphical user experience
  • High-performance loading of large data volumes featuring optimized integration with Microsoft APS, including the MPP SQL Server and Hadoop components
  • Many heterogeneous data sources including SQL Server, Oracle and DB2
  • Real-time data availability using proprietary technologies including in-memory data streaming and Qlik TurboStream CDC
  • End-to-end automation, including schema generation, metadata changes and transparent data-type transformations between source databases
  • Zero footprint architecture that doesn’t require agents on source or target databases
  • Initiatives including BI and analytics, operational reporting, data distribution and consolidation

High Performance, Optimized Data Loading

Qlik Replicate leverages the native bulk loader API for Microsoft PDW and the high-speed WebHDFS interface for HDInsight to ensure that data is loaded into Microsoft APS as fast as possible. This integrated approach is designed to move large volumes of data into tables in the database.  Qlik Replicate fully supports this high-performance loading option. By leveraging Microsoft’s fast-loading APIs, Qlik Replicate executes automatic parallel data allocation, transformation and movement to achieve optimal data loading performance levels.

Common Use Cases

Simply ensure data is available when, where and how it’s needed for:

  • BI and Analytics
  • Operational Reporting
  • Data Distribution
  • Building a Data Lake