In the face of rapid data growth, enterprises today need fast, cost-effective ways to quickly process and integrate data from multiple sources. Data integration software enables firms to more easily manage rapidly expanding data stores, improve the accessibility and availability of their data, and derive the most value from the various types of data they collect.

Data integration software allows IT teams, database administrators, data analysts, and even business users to move the data they need where and when they need it. An automated data integration solution, in particular, makes it easier and less costly for firms to consolidate or distribute data across their databases, data warehouses, data lake, cloud storage, and/or big data analytics platforms.

Data Integration Software for Mainframe Systems

Despite the high cost of maintenance, large firms continue to rely on legacy and mainframe systems because of their stability, reliability, and performance. And although some companies have implemented mainframe modernization to improve the accessibility of their data for users, many firms struggle with the processes of extracting and making mainframe data available to new storage and analytics platforms like Hadoop distributions and MPP databases.

Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) is a data integration software solution that allows you to easily integrate data from legacy data stores such as DB2 mainframe with modern analytics environments to take advantage of new analytics opportunities and accelerate time-to-insight. With support for VSAM, IMB, and DB2 replication, Replicate enables you to extract and deliver data from your legacy data stores to the data warehouse, Hadoop data lake, big data analytics platform, or other repository—on premises or in the cloud—of your choice.

Featuring an intuitive graphical interface and web-based monitoring dashboard, our data integration software makes configuring, executing, and managing data replication and migration tasks easy and quick, letting you ingest data from multiple feeds without having to write a single line of code. You can even replicate your mainframe data to Kafka message brokers, thereby converting your mainframe transactions into real-time message streams.

Data Integration Software for Big Data Initiatives

What makes Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) data integration software so powerful is that it simplifies and accelerates end-to-end loading from the widest range of source systems—including all major relational databases, data warehouses, SAP applications, and Hadoop distributions—to Greenplum Database, Teradata Aster Database, HP Vertica, Cloudera, and many other big data analytics platforms.

Engineered to extract and load data faster—with minimal impact on your source systems—our data integration software is equipped with in-memory data streaming and TurboStream CDC technology, which supports various CDC environments including Oracle CDC and SQL Server CDC. Optimized for big data integration, Replicate offers you high-performance connectivity through native APIs for data ingest and a highly-scalable data ingestion framework—capable of handling data from hundreds or thousands of databases and processing complex high-volume integration workloads efficiently and reliably.