Consolidate Data

As organizations seek new insight from Big Data, real time BI and IoT data analytics, data architects and administrators need tools to ingest, replicate, synchronize and consolidate data more efficiently. Data is streaming into the enterprise at higher velocity from a growing number of diverse sources. To ensure users and business intelligence platforms have access to the freshest data, organizations need solutions that can simplify data migration and consolidate data quickly and automatically, minimizing the burden on IT teams and providing a single storage environment that can yield faster time to analytics.

With Big Data sets and real-time streaming data, traditional data prep solutions like ETL software can’t process and consolidate data fast enough to meet the needs of users and businesses for real-time insight. Traditional ETL products tend to involve complex processes and time-consuming manual coding, introducing unacceptable bottlenecks, delays and risk into business intelligence projects.

To reap the benefits of data modernization, organizations need solutions that can consolidate data with minimal effort, fewer costs and less risk. That’s where Qlik Replicate® can help.

Automatically consolidate data with Qlik Replicate

Qlik Replicate is a software solution that enables organizations to more easily consolidate data through automated and real-time integration across all sources and targets.

Qlik Replicate enables data architects and database administrators to consolidate data automatically, with easy-to-use GUI to manage ingestion and replication end-to-end. Bulk loads can be easily set up, controlled and monitored through an intuitive web-based console the provides global visibility into thousands of tasks and centralized control of data replication across distributed, hybrid environments.

Qlik Replicate makes it easy for administrators to consolidate data without manual coding or a deep understanding of the environment. Administrators can execute initial data loads, then transition automatically to continuous Change Data Capture (CDC) for instant updates. A zero-footprint architecture minimizes the impact on production sources, while agentless data replication helps to dramatically reduce administrative burden.

Consolidate data across all major sources and targets

Qlik Replicate provides universal software support for the industry’s broadest range of sources and targets. With Qlik Replicate, organizations can ingest, migrate, distribute, synchronize and consolidate data on premises and across cloud or hybrid environments, including all major RDBMS, data warehouses, Hadoop, cloud platforms, streaming platforms, legacy systems, mainframe systems and applications like SAP. Qlik’s low-impact, real-time CDC database provides flexible options for processing captured data changes, making it an ideal tool for SQL migration, cloud data migration and other complex data migration projects.


Streaming Change Data Capture