Real-Time Data Ingestion

Data-driven business intelligence has become a key differentiator between the winners and the also-rans in today's competitive marketplaces. Modern data analytics depend critically on processes and technologies that replicate or migrate data from production systems into an enterprise data warehouse or, increasingly, into a Hadoop data lake. Since the most powerful analytics are those that derive from the very latest operational and market data, enterprises are compelled to find solutions for real-time data ingestion into their analytics platforms. You need a simple and reliable way to ingest real-time data flows and to quickly update or add to these flows in response to changing business requirements.

Real-Time Data Ingestion That's Not a Drag On Your Source Systems

More than 2000 enterprises and half the Fortune 100 use Qlik software for diverse data integration use cases that include real-time data ingestion into on-premises or cloud-based data warehouses or Hadoop environments.

Qlik Replicate® is a unified data integration solution that supports high-performance bulk migration as well as enterprise-grade change data capture (CDC) for real-time data ingestion of the latest source changes. Unlike many competing CDC technologies, Qlik Replicate does not require installing an agent on the source system or destination system and does not invoke stored procedures. Instead, Qlik CDC technology utilizes a log-based approach that has virtually no impact on your source systems – so you can implement real-time data ingestion pipelines without paying a price in terms of production system performance.

Qlik Replicate CDC technology supports any leading RDBMS as the source system, and addresses cloud use cases such as real-time Amazon RDS replication. Qlik Replicate also supports replicating source data from any major data warehouse or legacy mainframe system. Targets include any major enterprise data warehouse platform (including Amazon Redshift) as well as Hadoop data ingestion into any major Hadoop platform (including Amazon Elastic MapReduce or EMR). You can also use Qlik Replicate together with Apache Kafka technology to create message streams into multiple big data systems concurrently, including Hadoop, Cassandra, Couchbase, and others.

Real-Time Data Ingestion That's as Agile as Your Business

To truly meet the needs of the agile business, an organization's data integration and Hadoop data ingestion tool must deliver real-time data ingestion and also support easy and fast changes to data ingestion routines in response to new business objectives or opportunities. Qlik Replicate ease of use and end to end automation of the replication process enable agile data integration and analytics. With Qlik Replicate, data architects and data integration teams can configure and execute data ingestion jobs through an intuitive GUI with no need for manual coding or scripting. When new business opportunities make it desirable for the analytics platform to ingest data from additional sources, these pipelines can be implemented quickly and easily without imposing a coding burden on development staff.

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Real-time data ingestion to the cloud-built data warehouse