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Today's businesses seek competitive advantage from analytics, but before they can analyze they need to replicate and ingest data into the right platform. To support modern analytics programs businesses typically load data into enterprise data warehouses and ingest data into Hadoop clusters, depending on the data types and use cases. Challenges around data ingestion in such environments include the diversity of source systems; the need to continuously supply the freshest possible data; the need to adapt quickly to changing business requirements; and the need to replicate and ingest data in a cost-effective way.

Qlik (Attunity) helps more than 2000 businesses worldwide meet these modern data ingestion challenges.

Ingest Data to Meet the Demands of Modern Business Intelligence

Qlik (Attunity) is a leading maker of solutions for enterprise data migration and integration. Our flagship product Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) enables IT organizations to rise to the demands of Hadoop data ingestion:

  • Diverse data sources. Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) provides a unified solution to ingest data from nearly any type of source system into any Hadoop environment, on-premises or in the cloud.
  • The need for timely analytics. Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) supports not only high-performance bulk data transfer but also state-of-art change data capture (CDC) to drive real-time data ingestion. With our agentless CDC technology your analytics platforms can continuously ingest data as soon as it changes in the source databases – without hindering source database performance.
  • Fast-changing business requirements. With Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate), data managers and data scientists are empowered to create and execute data ingestion flows through an intuitive GUI without any coding or scripting. This makes it fast and easy to add or change data feeds in response to shifting business demands.
  • Tight budgets. Qlik (Attunity) saves you money by eliminating the need for data ingestion development efforts by skilled programmers. Qlik (Attunity) also saves you money by providing a single unified solution that you can use to ingest data from a wide range of source systems.

Ingest Data from Any Source to Any Destination

For the technologists and innovators at Qlik (Attunity), the answer to "what is data integration?" in the modern enterprise must include the ability to seamlessly move data between all major platforms. Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate) is an effective Hadoop data ingestion tool that supports diverse source systems including:

  • Relational databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more)
  • Legacy mainframe systems
  • Flat Files
  • Data warehouses (such as when migrating data from an on-premises data warehouse to a cloud-based data warehousing service like AWS Redshift; or when offloading data from a data warehouse to a lower-cost Hadoop data lake)
Data Sheet

Real-time data ingestion to the cloud-built data warehouse