Hadoop Solution

As Hadoop has become the platform of choice for managing and processing analytics for Big Data, IT teams at enterprises everywhere are seeking a Hadoop solution to help simplify the ingestion, integration and management of Hadoop data.

Apache Hadoop is a group of open-source software technologies that enable Big Data to be stored and processed on off-the-shelf commodity servers. By running Big Data applications on clustered systems of inexpensive hardware, Hadoop helps to reduce the cost of Big Data analytics while improving processing power and speed.

Hadoop stores information in a “data lake.” The advantages of data lake vs. data warehouse storage include greater flexibility and agility, as well as the ability to store and integrate data from highly diverse sources. A Hadoop data lake may contain structured, semi-structured and unstructured data including documents, videos, photos, log files, email, transactional data, sensor data, social media, GPS, RSS feeds, traditional databases and much more.

While Hadoop and Big Data provides much broader access to different data types – which can produce more valuable business intelligence and insight – IT teams frequently have difficulty managing ingestion from hundreds or thousands of different sources, many of which require custom coding and individual agents. To simplify Hadoop management, enterprises need a Hadoop solution that can streamline data ingestion and simplify management of data integration.

Qlik Replicate®: A Leading Hadoop Solution for Replication and Ingestion

Qlik Replicate, a Hadoop solution, provides automated, real-time and universal data ingestion across all major data lakes, databases, streaming systems, data warehouses and mainframe systems – on premises and in the cloud. As a leading Hadoop solution, Qlik Replicate along with Qlik Compose® for Data Lakes eliminates the obstacles to efficient loading and transformation of large-scale data lakes by creating a fully automated pipeline with analytics-ready data.

Qlik’s Hadoop solution enables IT departments to consolidate data in bulk or in real-time from hundreds or thousands of sources, while reducing management complexity and minimizing impact on source production. With Qlik Replicate, data administrators can accelerate and streamline data lake ingestion to deliver more data for agile and cloud analytics.

A Hadoop solution with universal and real-time integration

With Qlik Replicate, enterprises get a powerful Hadoop solution that enables them to:

  • Ingest data from all major source platforms and integrate it on all major target platforms, both on premises and in the cloud.
  • Integrate real-time data with zero-footprint change data capture (CDC) technology that copies live source transactions with no production impact.
  • Scale easily as needed up to thousands of data sources, managing ingestion tasks with centralized management tools and an intuitive GUI.
  • Support integration with other Big Data and Hadoop solution technology such as Apache NiFi.
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