Hadoop Management

While Hadoop has been one of the most dominant platforms for storing and processing Big Data for analytics, most IT teams find they require additional complementary solutions to simplify Hadoop management.

Hadoop provides powerful and cost-effective processing capabilities by enabling very large data sets to be stored and managed on clustered systems of inexpensive, commodity hardware. Using a data lake architecture, Hadoop allows organizations to collect, store, process and analyze a much wider range of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. By efficiently making large data sets available for Big Data and cloud analytics, Hadoop supports many advanced technological initiatives such as data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning and more.

For many IT departments, the challenge of Hadoop management is in effectively ingesting and integrating data from hundreds or thousands of diverse sources. Traditional integration tools are typically not efficient or scalable enough to manage Hadoop data lake implementations. Many sources require manual coding and individual agents to facilitate ingestion, burdening individual programmers with highly repetitive tasks. Transforming information into accurate and consistent data sets ready for analytics can consequently be a significant drain on IT resources.

To truly take advantage of the power of Hadoop for Big Data analytics, IT teams need a Hadoop management solution that can streamline data ingestion and integration.

Qlik Replicate®: A Powerful Hadoop Management Solution

Qlik Replicate is a software solution that accelerates Hadoop management by simplifying the loading and transformation of large-scale data lakes. Supporting universal and real-time data ingestion, Qlik Replicate enables administrators to quickly and easily configure and manage bulk loads from many source database systems to many targets.

As a Hadoop management solution, Qlik Replicate offers:

  • Simplicity. Administrators can use an automated and intuitive graphical user interface to set up data feeds with no manual coding.
  • Scalability. Qlik Replicate enables organizations to ingest data from hundreds to thousands of sources.
  • Performance. As a tool for Big Data ingestion and integration, it minimizes impact on production systems by remotely identifying and copying source updates with no need for disruptive agent software.
  • Universality. With Qlik Replicate, organizations can apply a single replication process for Hadoop and Big Data to any major RDBMS, data warehouse or mainframe system.
  • Integration. Qlik Replicate can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of platforms and solutions, including Apache NiFi and Microsoft Azure HDInsight.

Qlik Compose® Provides Additional Hadoop Management Capabilities

Once data has been ingested into Hadoop, Qlik Compose for Data Lakes helps to further simplify Hadoop management by automating the creation and loading of Hadoop Hive structures as well as the transformation of enterprise data within it. Leveraging the latest innovations in Hadoop, Qlik Compose fully automates the pipeline of business intelligence-ready data into Hive, automatically and efficiently processing data insertions, updates and deletions.

Qlik Compose for Data Lakes integrates seamlessly with Qlik Replicate to deliver a comprehensive Hadoop management solution for simplifying and accelerating data ingestion, data landing, SQL schema creation, data transformation and more.

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