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Qlik Positioned as a Leader Among Cross-Industry Vendors in KLAS Report, “Healthcare Analytics: Moving Toward the Continuum of Care”

Qlik ranks among its partners Health Catalyst and Epic as the top three vendors who best understand the needs of healthcare organizations

April 07, 2015

Qlik® (NASDAQ: QLIK), a leader in data discovery, today announced that it is the top “cross-industry” vendor in the KLAS Report, “Healthcare Analytics: Moving Toward the Continuum of Care,” for having the best understanding of healthcare analytics and for being considered one of the most important vendors to a customer’s organization in terms of their future BI and analytics plans. Qlik also scored well above average in all other categories, including data aggregation across multiple data sources, data aggregation across the continuum of care and most important to the organization.

The 2015 annual perception report by KLAS strives to address the challenges faced by healthcare organizations in their adoption of analytics and highlights the vendors perceived as being the most capable within these areas. Vendors are categorized as “cross-industry” providers, “large HIT” (electronic medical record or EMR) companies, and “healthcare niche” organizations. Qlik is considered a cross industry provider along with Oracle, IBM, SAP, Microsoft, and Tableau.

According to the report, “in an increasingly complex analytics market, Qlik’s traditional strength of end-user driven analytics and speed to value are perceived well, and Qlik is now often associated with two (separate) key partnerships – one with Health Catalyst and one with Epic.” Both Health Catalyst and Epic were also positioned within the report are top providers for best understanding of healthcare customers’ needs. Epic was ranked number one overall as most important to the organization.1

In addition to the company’s key partnerships, the KLAS report also referred to the leadership of Qlik products based on their ease of use and comprehensive capabilities. According to one provider in the report, the adoption of Qlik at his organization is “spreading like wildfire” while another noted that “QlikView is a really strong product that is relatively sophisticated” and offers “really broad capabilities.”2 Providers also commended Qlik on its deep expertise in the healthcare vertical, customer support and its active advisory group for the healthcare sector. This compares to other cross-industry providers, such as Tableau, which was perceived “not as a complete BI strategy, but supplementary.”3

“As part of our strategy for the US healthcare sector, Qlik has focused on expanding key partnerships within healthcare niche organizations and EMR providers. Specifically, our partnership with Health Catalyst has helped us expand into new organizations, while our partnership with Epic has opened doors for new use cases among existing clients,” said Chris Christy, National Healthcare Market Director, Qlik.  “Our strong partnerships along with the value delivered via our solutions Qlik® Sense and QlikView® have helped us connect with customers across the healthcare industry to turn their data into insights, improving decision making and ultimately transforming the way they deliver patient care.”

Qlik serves thousands of healthcare providers spanning hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, and ambulatory services worldwide, including three of the five top grossing US hospitals. Its solutions for data discovery and guided analytics make the process of analyzing data intuitive, allowing users to pull in data from disparate sources such as EMR systems, hospital databases and payer portals, into one consolidated view so users can easily explore and analyze data to uncover powerful insights.

To learn more about Qlik for healthcare, visit us at Booths #3963 and #5484-21 at HiMSS. To schedule onsite media briefings, please contact Angela Maglione at

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