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Modern Data Integration: The DataOps Catalyst

Dan Potter, VP of Product Marketing at Attunity (a division of Qlik) explains how DataOps is a new data methodology that brings together modern technologies, how data is used and the teams using that data.


5 Requirements for Success with DataOps Strategies

In this contributed article, Dan Potter, VP of Product Marketing at Attunity (a division of Qlik) reviews the five requirements for companies adopting the DataOps strategy.


Three Tectonic Shifts That Will Alter the Technology Landscape

Qlik’s Sharryn Napier discusses the three tectonic shifts that businesses need to watch closely to enable data-driven innovation and improve competitiveness.

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Why Data Management and Data Literacy Need to Go Together

Qlik CEO Mike Capone discusses how IT needs to adjust its approach to data management to enable company wide data literacy.

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The Human Factor in Healthcare Optimization and Digital Health

Sean Price, Qlik’s EMEA solutions director, public sector and healthcare, shares his views on how the human touch can unlock data’s potential in the era of digital health.

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6 Takeaways From GDPR's First Year

Matt Hayes, VP of SAP Business at Attunity (a division of Qlik), offers his insight into the GDPR regulations and its adoption in the U.S. market at the one-year anniversary of the statue.


Women Leading the AI Industry

This profile of Qlik Head of Research Elif Tutuk details her background in technology, the trends she sees in the overall AI landscape and how those impact analytics.


Making Mole Hills of Mountains, Qlik Breaks Down Data’s Biggest Barriers

Qlik’s Drew Clarke, Itamar Ankorion and Joe DosSantos provide in-depth analysis of the data integration market, the importance of data catalogs and how Qlik’s end-to-end platform delivers value through data.


PayPal Senior Architect Explains Why the Payments Giant Trusts Qlik for Analytics

Leading global online payments company discussed at Qonnections how Qlik helps PayPal understand the habits and needs of over 267 million customer accounts.


Qlik Simplifies Deployment of Analytics Applications on Multiple Clouds

Qlik announced how employing a microservices-based architecture based on Kubernetes makes it possible for organizations to deploy Qlik’s analytics software anywhere under a single license.


Data Literacy: Making Society Fluent in Data

Qlik and the Data Literacy Project announced the launch of a world-first certification that enables individuals to document and demonstrate their data literacy skills.


Qlik Touts 'Industry's Only' End-to-End Data Platform After Attunity Buy

Qlik CEO Mike Capone outlined how the acquisition of Attunity has allowed Qlik to build an enterprise class multi-cloud architecture that offers data management and analytics in a unified platform.

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