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How BI Tools are Helping Jefferson Health Battle the Opioid Crisis

“Once we went live with Epic, we were able to standardize the work flow of entering the opioid order and prescription, and Qlik Sense allowed us to look at it from that enterprise view and to slice and dice the data a bunch of different ways.”


A Third of All US Bank Branches Could Feel Tropical Storm Force Winds from Hurricane Florence

Qlik provided detailed data and custom insights on the potential impact of the hurricane on retail bank branches in the storm’s path.


Mike Capone’s Journey from CIO to COO to CEO

Qlik CEO Mike Capone’s unique journey is detailed by Forbes, including Mike’s vision for the future of analytics as a transformational engine for every organization.


Predictive Analytics in Education Can Flag Troubled Students

Using academic analytics through Qlik, administrators at Virginia's Loudoun County public school district are looking to identify and help at-risk students faster and more accurately.


APAC Retailers Look at In-store Data to Understand Why Customers Aren't Buying

Retail Tech News spoke to Jeremy Sim, Global Director of Manufacturing & High Tech at Qlik, on how retailers can better utilize customer data to transform sales and set themselves apart.


Data-driven disaster relief: Measuring the impact of emergency response ZDNet

Team Rubicon has partnered with Qlik, a vendor providing data analytics software, to deliver its Open Initiative. "Qlik teams designed and built the Open Data Initiative portal in about four weeks leveraging Qlik software and skills from across Qlik. We feel this is an investment in Team Rubicon, as well as an exciting opportunity to advance how all humanitarian organizations collect, review, and report data."


Qlik Plans Expanded Data Management And Analytics Offerings With Podium Data Acquisition CRN

Data analytics software company Qlik has acquired Podium Data, developer of an enterprise data management platform, in a move to expand Qlik's product offerings into a more complete big data system. "Qlik has done a really good job building out the data analytics and visualization tools," said Qlik CEO Mike Capone in an interview with CRN. "We view this [acquisition] as the next logical step to building out a complete big data solution."


How Police Force Uses Data to Assess Risk and Predict Crime

Avon and Somerset Constabulary is using Qlik Sense to link more than 10 previously separate databases, using more than 40 applications to better understand and predict threats and risks so officers can make quicker decisions.


Data Literacy Now a Key Workforce Skill

CEO Mike Capone details how data literacy is to the information age what traditional literacy — reading and writing — was to the industrial age: a skill essential to anyone wanting to fully participate in the workforce, and one required by all organizations for every facet of their operations. Data democratization, enabled by a data literate workforce and suitable tools, is essential now and in the future.


Growing Skills Gap Taking a Toll on Data Management Strategies

An escalating skills gap is preventing business decision-makers from asking the right questions of data and machines, according to a recent report from data analytics company Qlik.

As part of the study, research firm Censuswide surveyed 7,377 business decision-makers worldwide between August 2017 and February 2018 on behalf of Qlik, and found that nearly half (48 percent) struggle to identify between data truths and manipulations. This indicates an urgent need to upskill and support workers, the report said.


What Google Knows About You, And What You Can Do About It

Qlik’s Jordan Morrow details the importance of data literacy in a world where there are frequent data related scandals such as Cambridge Analytica and companies like Google collect vast amount of data on individuals every day.

“There will always be people trying to manipulate and use data for bad purposes but at least arming people to understand and ask the right questions means they have the ability to stop things like Cambridge Analytica from succeeding.”


Analytics Helps NZ Restaurant Group Move From “Gut Feel” to Data-Driven

New Zealand’s Savor Group of restaurants, which includes Seafarers, Ostro Brasserie & Bar and Ebisu, is now using Qlik’s data analytics platform to revolutionize operations from the front-of-house to the boardroom.

“They need to see information in real time, and in a format that’s quick and easy to digest. Endeavour and Qlik have been instrumental in delivering these actionable insights to our business group,” says Matthew Sparling of Savor Group.