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Healthcare Needs New Skills to Build on Its COVID Inspired Digital Transformation

Qlik’s Jordan Morrow and Heather Gittings are quote extensively about the healthcare data skills demand that is growing out of the COVID-19 Crisis, which also mentions Morecambe Bay NHS Trust’s use of Qlik in their response.

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How Tech Can Help to Tackle Climate Change

Qlik’s partnership with C40 Cities is highlighted as a global program helping to leverage technology to fight the effects of climate change.

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App Keeps Stock of Staff, Patients and PPE

This article profiles the Qlik-powered COVID-19 application being used by the Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network in Australia.

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Overland Park Company Tracking Virus Trends with New COVID-19 Heat Map

The Qlik/WellSky heat map solution helping to determine PPE pipeline and resource needs is detailed on this local Kansas City broadcast.

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The Coolest Business Analytics Companies of the 2020 Big Data 100

Qlik is profiled as one of the key analytics vendors by CRN, highlighting our end-to-end platform and the recent acquisition of RoxAI.


Remembering The Human In A Data-Driven System

Mike Capone details the ways leaders can prioritize and acknowledge the value of their staff during both challenging times and the shift to digital workplaces.

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New Cloud Features Highlight Qlik Analytics Platform Update

Qlik’s April product release is detailed in this article based on an interview with James Fisher, showcasing both the latest evolutions in Qlik Sense and the Analytics Modernization Program.

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Democratize Business Intelligence with Qlik: An End-to-End Data and Analytics Platform

Qlik’s Josh Good provides a complete overview of Qlik, including details on our approach to AI, our end-to-end platform, and how our acquisitions of Insight Bot and RoxAI extend the value of analytics for all users.

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Covid-19: NHS Tackles Coronavirus Crisis with the Help of Tech

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay is highlighted for their use of Qlik to inform patient care around COVID-19 as part of the NHS’ overall response to the crisis.

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What the new Australian privacy law means for consumer data?

Qlik’s Roy Horgan is quoted on the impact of the Australian CDR on businesses vs. GDPR.

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BI Vendors Provide Resources for COVID-19 Analysis

Qlik’s Julie Kae is quoted extensively on how organizations such as the Private Sector Round Table are leveraging Qlik to help triage and address the health crisis from COVID-19.

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Predictive Analytics Tools Can Help State and Local Governments Save Money and Lives

Qlik’s Andrew Churchill is quote extensively in this article about how predictive analytics can help government agencies overwhelmed by data take direct and impactful action.

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