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Why should you migrate to Azure?

While Microsoft Azure cloud services offer significant benefits to developers and IT professionals, organizations seeking to migrate to Azure face certain challenges. Cloud data migration can be a resource-intensive endeavor that can easily strain IT budgets and hinder the performance of source databases. Security of sensitive data like customer information, financial records and business plans is also an issue as organizations migrate to Azure or any other cloud platform. And at a time when nearly every business function seems to need support from IT, organizations must find migration software or a data migration tool that won't add significant burden to IT teams or require excessive coding.

For many organizations planning to migrate to Azure, Qlik is the solution of choice for simplifying data migration and accelerating a move to the cloud.

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Migrate to Azure with Qlik

Qlik is a powerful solution for accelerating data replication, ingestion and streaming across a broad variety of Big Data platforms, heterogeneous databases and data warehouses. With Qlik enterprises can migrate to Microsoft Azure easily, securely and efficiently – with minimal impact on operations. Qlik makes it easy to migrate to Azure by enabling fast data transfer from multiple databases to many cloud platforms. Qlik platform supports all major RDBMS, data warehouses and mainframe systems, and can be used both on premises and in the cloud. In addition to enabling enterprises to migrate to Azure, Qlik supports organizations migrating from AWS including all RDS databases and Amazon Redshift as well as from Google Cloud SQL.

As IT departments create a data migration plan to migrate to Azure, Qlik simplifies migration with a simple graphical interface that automates tasks end to end, without excessive coding or needing a deep understanding of the environment.

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Migrate to Azure with speed, security and efficiency

Qlik helps enterprises migrate to Azure quickly and easily. Benefits of this powerful platform include:

  • Accelerated migration. By compressing, encrypting and transferring data in parallel streams, Qlik (Attunity) dramatically increases migration speed. With Qlik, organizations have been able to reduce their migration time by 90%, significantly reducing the impact on systems and staff.
  • Greater security. Qlik protects each data transfer with AES 256-bit encryption and uses check mechanisms to ensure data integrity.
  • Simplicity. Qlik reduces administrative burden by automating the process end to end, including data definition language (DDL) updates, bulk and real-time change data capture (CDC) replication and target schema creation.
  • Zero downtime. Continuous replication with log-based CDC technology lets organizations avoid downtime as they migrate to Azure and other cloud platforms.

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