Google Cloud SQL

Google Cloud SQL is a fully managed database service that simplifies the process of setting up, maintaining and managing relational MySQL databases in the cloud. Hosted on Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud SQL provides an infrastructure that allows applications to run anywhere and enables administrators to focus on applications rather than managing databases.

But while Google Cloud SQL simplifies many things, data integration is not one of them. Like other new data environments, Google Cloud SQL can present administrators with significant challenges when working on data ingestion, data replication and data integration. Traditional SQL ETL tools are no longer up to the task – they require too much complex manual coding and too many procedures that disrupt production sources. For the organization to get maximum value and insight from Google Cloud SQL data, data architects and database administrators need more efficient ways to configure, run and monitor integration tasks. That’s where Qlik comes in.

Qlik Replicate®: powerful tools for data integration in Google Cloud SQL

Qlik Replicate provides all the tools that enterprises require for building efficient data pipelines and managing data integration in Google Cloud SQL. Delivering automated and universal data integration across all major databases, data lakes, streaming systems, mainframe systems and data warehouses (including Oracle Exadata), Qlik Replicate helps deliver more analytics-ready data to the business, while minimizing expense and reducing administrative burden.

When working with data in Google Cloud SQL, Qlik Replicate moves data at high speed from source to target while automating replication tasks end-to-end. An intuitive, web-based graphical user interface lets administrators and data architects easily set up data feeds, control tasks and monitor bulk loads and real-time updates from a single console. Administrators no longer need to engage in manual coding or have a deep understanding of source and target environments. They can schedule initial data loads, then transition automatically to continuous Change Data Capture (CDC) for instant updates.

Qlik benefits for Google Cloud SQL integration

With Qlik Replicate, enterprises can:

  • Move data more quickly to analytics projects.
  • Reduce the skill and training requirements for administrators managing data integration for Google Cloud SQL and other sources and targets.
  • Reduce impact on source systems through log-based CDC and zero-footprint technology.
  • Simplify management of Google Cloud SQL data integration.

Qlik Replicate supports the industry’s broadest range of sources and targets, including all major RDBMS, data warehouses (including Exadata), Hadoop distributions, cloud platforms, streaming metadata (including JSON data integration) and NoSQL data integration.


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