The demand of front-line business users for the latest information and real-time BI puts pressure on IT teams to efficiently consolidate, process, and deliver data to the appropriate systems and applications. SQL change data capture is a process by which data from SQL Server databases can be replicated and loaded into another database, a data warehouse, a data mart, or other type of data repository in real time. By enabling you to replicate and move only changed data, SQL change data capture reduces the need for batch load updating of your data warehouse and facilitates real-time data integration across the organization.

SQL change data capture is an advanced SQL replication technology that makes it easier and less resource-intensive for your teams to implement operational reporting and real-time data warehousing and ensure consistency across your data stores.

SQL Server's Out-of-the-Box Solution for SQL Change Data Capture

Users of SQL Server Enterprise Edition might be familiar with Microsoft's native SQL CDC feature, SQL Server Change Data Capture. Microsoft's out-of-the-box SQL change data capture solution was introduced in 2008 as an efficient way to identify and moved changed data out of a SQL Server database and into a data warehouse or data mart (when used in conjunction with SQL Server Integration Services, or SSIS). SQL Server CDC allows database administrators and developers to capture and record INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE activity in a database—and make that data available in an easily consumable format—without having to write their own custom logic or create timestamp fields or triggers.

Because Microsoft's SQL change data capture technology takes a log-based approach to CDC—using SQL Server's transaction log to detect and capture DML changes—it should not significantly impact the performance of the source database. SQL Server CDC can introduce overhead on source systems because change data capture tables need to be created in the database containing the tracked tables.

Non-Invasive SQL Change Data Capture Solutions from Qlik (Attunity)

Qlik (Attunity) CDC for SQL Server is a robust log-based SQL change data capture technology that built into our simple, real-time and universal data ingestion tool and data replication platform, Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate). Qlik (Attunity) takes a non-invasive approach to CDC, and our replication solution supports change record filtering as well as SQL-based and XML-based delivery of changed data. With Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity Replicate), you don't need to install software on your source or target systems, and our intuitive graphical interface is web-based and easy to use.

For SSIS users, Qlik (Attunity) has developed an innovative CDC solution that lets you leverage your existing SQL Server investments with our unique, low-impact CDC technology. Qlik (Attunity) CDC Suite for SSIS automatically generates SSIS packages for both incremental and full loads of data from SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 databases and makes monitoring and control of CDC processing easier with our enhanced management dashboard and notification services. This is part of a long-standing technology partnership between Qlik (Attunity) and Microsoft.