Data Literacy Global Studies and Insights

Data Literacy – the ability to read, work with, analyze and communicate with data – is to be the most in-demand skill by 2030

Through a series of global studies, Qlik has highlighted the real-life impact of the data literacy skills gap. From the cost to organizations’ bottom line to the negative impact it is having on employee wellbeing and productivity. We have taken a stand to support companies and individuals on their upskilling journeys and toward a data-led future.

Our latest research report

Data Literacy: The Upskilling Evolution

The data literacy crisis shows no sign of slowing down as the gap between expectation and reality continues to widen.

Based on insights from influential industry experts and a global survey of over 1,200 executives and 6,000 employees, our latest data literacy study found that whilst over half of company leaders see their workforce as confident in data literacy skills, the reality is starkly different. Just 11% of employees feel fully confident in this area.

Revealing the pressures on organizations and individual employees as we continue to move toward a data-orientated and automated workplace, the report helps you understand the upskilling requirements needed to take full advantage of data – now and in the future.

Key Findings

85% of executives believe data literacy will become as vital in the future as the ability to use a computer is today.
89% of C-level executives expect team members to explain how data has informed their decisions.
But only 11% of employees are fully confident in their ability to read, analyze, work with and communicate with data.
US workers who can demonstrate their data literacy skills can expect a 20% salary increase.
45% of global employees would change jobs if they felt they could get better preparation for the future workplace elsewhere.
78% of global employees are spending time every month investing in their own personal development. These employees are spending an average of nearly seven hours on personal upskilling each month at an average cost of $2,800 over the last 12 months.

Data Literacy is set to be the second language of business. Are you ready?

The Qlik and Accenture Data Literacy Blueprint provides actionable and achievable advice to help organizations become data-driven so they can be confident that the right decisions are being made for their business, in the right moment, with the greatest degree of certainty.

Our guides to building a data literate workforce

Being data literate is now a critical skill that everyone will in their professional and personal lives. We are on a mission to help organizations build a data literate culture and ensure that everyone is equipped with the mindset, knowledge and skills to become data brilliant. Through our series of data literacy reports, we have empowered enterprises to bridge the data literacy skills gap.

Image of the Data Literacy Index Report

The Data Literacy Index

The $500m Data Literacy Opportunity. Explore the positive relationship between data literacy and corporate performance
Image of The Human Impact of Data Literacy Report

The Human Impact of Data Literacy

A leader’s guide to democratizing data, boosting productivity and empowering the workforce

Start upskilling your workforce today

Build your organization's data literacy skills through our consulting services

Qlik’s Data Literacy Program is designed to empower your entire workforce to use data effectively – regardless of role or skill. This industry-leading program offers comprehensive learning resources and consulting services to build data literacy skills across your organization.

Upskill yourself with our data literacy courses

85% of senior executives believe that by 2030 being data literate will be as vital as the ability to use a computer is today. Our courses help you and your organization understand, analyze, and use data with confidence, so you can take informed actions.

Are you data literate? Take the Certification to find out

The Data Literacy Certification is a product-agnostic exam which measures your ability to interpret business requirements; understand and transform data; design, build, and interpret visualizations; and analyze, act on, and share results.

Active Intelligence starts with Data Literacy

Organizations are shifting from the passive use of out-of-date data toward achieving a state of Active Intelligence, where data is continuously integrated into working practices to allow organizations to make decisions and act in real time.

But to be able to achieve this, organizations need data literate employees who can act in the moment and read, work with, analyze and communicate with data to drive immediate decisions.

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