Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response and Support

A Letter to Our Customers

Data is more important than ever given the new realities brought on by COVID-19. Data is at the center of every major decision - from governments trying to manage public health and safety while evaluating re-opening our economies, to businesses trying to manage through tough times while preparing for the return to work. These times have also highlighted the crucial role data literacy plays in making informed decisions for the greater good.

During this time, we've connected our customers – across every industry – to share best practices and solutions through our Customers Helping Customers webinar series and Qlik Community COVID-19 Group.

We've launched new solutions, such as our HR Employee Safety and our Supply Chain Risk Management applications, to help our customers respond quickly, assess risk, and plan for recovery.

We’ve adapted our training offerings, customer support and events to the new normal.

And our Corporate Responsibility initiative has been instrumental in helping our partners respond to a rapidly changing situation as the world begins to recover and rebuild.

Through it all, our commitment to our customers, partners, employees – and vision for a data-literate world – has never changed. We value your continued partnership, and look forward to continuing to support you in the months and years ahead.

Mike Capone
CEO, Qlik