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Malcolm Gladwell

Best-selling Author  |  Keynote on Tuesday, May 11

But, Are We Asking the Right Questions?
How great would it be if everyone in the world knew how to look at data and ask the right questions? Too often, we make assumptions. And those assumptions can lead us down the wrong path – often with costly consequences. In this thought-provoking session, Gladwell will examine modern examples of analysis gone wrong, and he will inspire us to think differently going forward, challenging our assumptions.

Mike Capone

CEO, Qlik  | Executive Keynote on Monday, May 10

Activating Your Data for Impact
Capone will detail how Qlik is helping leading companies across the globe drive more value and action from real-time data through modern data analytics pipelines. Also hear about how Qlik has uniquely assembled and is building the industry’s only AI-fueled end-to-end data integration and analytics platform to deliver on the promise of Active Intelligence, where businesses actively drive better decisions, increase revenue and optimize customer relationships through data.

James Fisher

Chief Product Officer, Qlik | Product Keynote on Monday, May 10

The Analytics Data Pipeline – Enabling Active Intelligence
Qlik’s Chief Product Officer, James Fisher and Chief Technology Officer, Mike Potter explain the value of an end-to-end analytics data pipeline in delivering Qlik’s vision for Active Intelligence.  They will demonstrate how Qlik is connecting data and analytics processes, bringing data at rest and data in motion together and embedding this in business processes to drive collaboration and compel action. See how Qlik is delivering this through a cloud-first technology strategy that drives rapid adoption and time to value, while respecting customers data and its location.

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