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Hayley Arceneaux

Astronaut & Cancer Survivor   |  Keynote 

Defining the Next Frontier
Discover the inspiring story of a childhood cancer survivor found herself on SpaceX’s first private spaceflight in 2021 – breaking new boundaries and defying the odds every step of the way. As the youngest American woman to go to space, the first astronaut with a prosthesis, and one of four selected for the world’s first all civilian spaceflight, Hayley has spent her life defining the next frontier. Join us as she shares her perspective on taking risks, perseverance, innovation, and giving back.

Panel Discussion

Join Visionary Futurist and Neuroscientist Dr. Poppy Crum, Leading Expert in Robot Ethics Dr. Kate Darling and The Atlantic CEO and former Editor-in-Chief of WIRED, Nicholas Thompson, as they explore the complex relationship between technology, humans, and society at large. In this segment, each expert will share their take on where technology is headed next and the implications on human evolution, ethics, business, and more, followed by a panel discussion.

Lambert Hogenhout

Chief Data and Analytics Officer | Keynote 

Globally we face many challenges, such as climate change and its impacts. In an age where rhetoric and opposing views dominate our social feeds, how do we sift through the information to determine what’s fact vs. opinion, and what we could and should be doing to address these challenges. Lambert Hogenhout, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at the United Nations Office for Information and Communications Technology, will discuss the data-driven approaches used by the U.N. and how we can all become citizen data scientists to understand, act and create change.

Mike Capone

CEO, Qlik  | Executive Keynote 

Creating Certainty in a Changing World
With constantly shifting economic and market conditions, accessing and activating the right data at the right time is vital for every business. Having a complete and current view of your data creates trust and confidence, helping you get it right every time. Qlik’s CEO Mike Capone will share his perspective on the market forces that are driving the need to answer these challenges with Active Intelligence, and will share insights from real-world customers and partners on how Qlik is helping them make the right decisions with certainty.

James Fisher

Chief Product Officer, Qlik | Product Keynote 

Certainty in an Uncertain World: The Qlik Active Intelligence Platform
New use cases and the need for more business value are driving the convergence of data and analytics strategies. A complete end-to-end analytics data pipeline is no longer a nice to have – it’s table stakes. This product keynote will examine the key trends impacting data and analytics strategies and will showcase how Qlik’s unique innovation in areas such as real-time data delivery, workflow and automation, and hybrid cloud are helping customers realize the full potential of their data with the Qlik Active Intelligence Platform.

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