Rocco Pecora

Technical Product Marketing Manager

Rocco leads Technical Product Marketing and go-to-market strategies for the technical and developer-centric components of Qlik’s Data Analytics product portfolio. Prior to Qlik, Rocco lead implementation teams and deployed Qlik across several industries and use cases such as Energy and smart meter networks, Pharmaceutical commercial operations, Retail supply-chain digitalization, and more. Rocco enjoys helping customers evolve and transform through the combination of technology and analytics prowess.

Rocco's Session Recommendations

Embedding Fundamentals with Qlik Cloud

This session will provide an overview of embedding Qlik Cloud including examples and demos. In addition, strategies on the varying technology options will also be explored, covering topics including Iframes, the Capabilities API, and Nebula.js. 

Search for code: 665724 to locate session during the QlikWorld Event.

Active Intelligence: from Web to Mobile

In this session, we will explore our Active Intelligence oriented analytics capabilities and how business users can engage with them. Attend this session and learn about recent feature improvements and how to trigger insights to action with alerting and mobile. 

Search for code: 663037 to locate session during the QlikWorld Event.

Use of Near Real-Time Telematics to Monitor and Forecast Environmental Events

This walkthrough and demo will demonstrate the use of the Environment Agency, UK Met Office and other freely available API's to monitor UK Environment and Weather Events in near real time. This app also captures all previous Events for the last 31 days in order to predict potential future flooding in order to give decision makers time to deploy warnings and help protect the lives of citizens and business at risk. 

Search for code: 663757 to locate session during the QlikWorld Event.

"Customers having the opportunity to view Qlik Cloud’s incredible growth and its ability to spark life into an organization. Qlik Cloud truly transforms organizations from a passive state of stale reports into an action-oriented, intuitive state of Active Intelligence achieved through the platform’s ability to activate data and upskill an entire workforce."