Dan Sommer

Senior Director, Market Intelligence Lead

Dan leads Qlik’s Market Intelligence Program, responsible for supply, demand, macro, and micro picture. With 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, Dan is a frequent keynote speaker, blogger, and columnist. Dan previously held the position of Research Director for BI and Analytics at Gartner. I recommend my three sessions because they will give a good mix of futures (trends), use-cases where Qlik shines, and the exciting stuff Qlik will do in 2022 as it pertains to data services.

Dan's Session Recommendations

Top BI & Data Trends 2022: Interwoven - The End Of Competition As We Know It

The massive modernizaton during the pandemic opens new opportunities for driving not just transformation, but also innovation. In today's world, success requires collaborative value chains, not only within your company, but with partners, suppliers, customers, and even competitors. What roles do data and analytics play? And how can you get set up for success? Join Dan Sommer in this highly anticipated session to discover the top 10 emerging BI and data trends, and find out how to use them to your advantage. 

Search for code: 665381 to locate session during the QlikWorld Event.

Only in Qlik - Use Cases that Qlik is Uniquely Suited to Solve

This session will show you some of the unique capabilities of Qlik; which you simply can't do in our competitor's tools. A panel of customers and partners will talk about how these capabilities drive business transformation. 

Search for code: 665384 to locate session during the QlikWorld Event.

An overview of Qlik Cloud Data Services - Real-time Data Integration for Active Intelligence

This session will provide an overview of Qlik Cloud Data Services, use cases and roadmap. 

Search for code: 663204 to locate session during the QlikWorld Event.

"I am excited to present again in front of an audience that is passionate about how Qlik has provided companies with a wide variety of features that help them develop an analytic data pipeline."