Dan Potter

Vice President, Product Marketing Data Integration

A 20-year marketing veteran, Dan Potter is VP of Product Marketing at Qlik. In this role, Dan is responsible for product marketing and go-to-market strategies related to modern Data Architectures, Data Integration and DataOps.

Dan's Session Recommendations

An overview of Qlik Cloud Data Services - Real-time Data Integration for Active Intelligence

This session will provide an overview of Qlik Cloud Data Services, use cases and roadmap. 

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Gaining Insights from SAP Data with Qlik and Microsoft Azure Synapse - How Greene Tweed Reduced Time to Insights by 65%

Enterprises are inundated with massive amounts of SAP data and challenged to create more consumable insights without increasing headcount or system resources. It is a daunting task to deal with slow systems and manual coding to gain any value from historical data spanning thousands of products, customers, sales history, and the list goes on. In this breakout you’ll hear how global manufacturer Greene Tweed developed an efficient, cost-effective, and logical strategy to connect Qlik Data integration Platform and Microsoft Azure Synapse to build an intelligent supply chain for better business insight. Learn how Greene Tweed addressed their challenges and how they use data liberated from SAP for strategic analytics initiatives. In addition, you will discover:
• How to create a plan of attack to extract insights from massive amounts of SAP data
• How important change data capture is to building low latency extracts for massive data volumes
• Why automation with Qlik Data Integration Platform is crucial to expedite data availability
• How SAP data drives insights to optimize Manufacturing & Supply Chain
• The gains Greene Tweed realized by moving SAP data to Azure Synapse 

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Qlik Replicate to Leverage an Integrated Operations Center on Mining Industry

Vale is one of the largest mining companies in the world, operating in 30 countries and with a complex value chain composed of Mines, Mineral Processing, Railroads, Ports, Shipping and Distribution.

Vale’s Integrated Operations Center was implemented to increase data integration and to optimize the iron ore value chain. The vision to shift from local optimization to global optimization, required a large amount of data distributed across many systems in the production chain. Having data as the main pillar to support the IOCs business transformations, Vale turned to Change Data Capture, with Qlik Replicate and Enterprise Manager. This has resulted in:

• Replicate in near real-time (less than 15 minutes) a large amount of data (e.g. 5,2 million records replicated per hour (average of 6 GB per hour)) spread across multiple systems and geographies;
• Quickly enable new data sources replication to multiple Analytics Repositories with reduced effort;
• Centralized management of data replication with a single team administrating the platform;
• Ability to enable new replication servers on different network zones to meet compliance and security requirements to handle industrial data.

Attend this session and learn more about Vale’s interesting data integration journey.

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