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The world’s leading data experts, renowned Qlik customers, and partners will share their stories and best practices for getting more value from your data. 

8 sessions total

  • Enterprise Security and Governed Content Workflow for Qlik Sense SaaS​

    Magnus Berg , Lead Product Designer, Qlik

    Thomas Hopp , Senior Product Manager - Cloud Native Platform, QlikTech GmbH

    Rocco Pecora , Technical Product Marketing Manager, Qlik

    Within this session you will learn about our latest and greatest Enterprise Security capabilities to make the management of a Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS Tenant more fine grain, as well as what else is planned to be added to increase our capabilities within this area in the product. As security has a big impact into a Governed Content Workflow, you will as well hear about our updated capabilities to provide a Governed Content Workflow for Developers and Consumers. This includes the ability to efficiently collaborate within a Development Team as well as a content consumer.

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  • The Qlik Transformation: The Road to Qlik Cloud

    Trey Smith , Vice President of Services, DI Squared LLC

    Are you thinking about moving to SaaS? In this session we will cover all your need to know to migrate your Client Managed Qlik Sense environment to Qlik Cloud.

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  • How to Evaluate Performance and Monitor Your Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS Environment

    Björn Hansson

    Thomas Hopp , Senior Product Manager - Cloud Native Platform, QlikTech GmbH

    Øystein Kolsrud , Software Architect

    Konstantinos Mertzianis

    Hampus von Post

    Within this presentation you will hear about our latest deliveries about how to evaluate performance within your Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS environment. This is helping content developers make sure that you are able to validate it before you are allowing consumers to access content. But, as well as for consumers, we do have improved the workflow to better enable them to understand how their Apps are performing. This is what you will see as part of the session too. As a second major topic, we will show you how to monitor your Tenants in the most efficient way to always stay on top of it. This does include Entitlement as well as capacity based monitoring such as Dedicated Capacity usage.

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  • Qlik Sense and Amazon SageMaker: Bringing BI and ML together on AWS

    John Park , Principal Solution Architect, Qlik

    Dilip Ranjan , Amazon

    Using Qlik Cloud with Amazon SageMaker for Business outcomes. Using SageMaker Canvas users can easily train and create their models. Using Qlik Cloud users can access the model end point and create BI application with ML.

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  • Lufthansa CityLine from SAP to Qlik: How We Moved Their Budgeting & Forecasting Process

    Thomas Gorr , Product Manager of Write!, INFORM GmbH

    Kevin Heßhaus , Presales Solutions Architect, Inform Software GmbH

    In this session, we will show how we moved Lufthansa Cityline's cost center planning solution from SAP to Qlik. We helped them decrease a forecasting process, taking from 3 hours in SAP, to less than 2 minutes in Qlik. We also helped them move the entire process for the entire business unit completely from SAP to Qlik. During our presentation, we will highlight the solution, how we implemented it, what made it that fast, and what the future plans of this solutions are.

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  • Building the Active Intelligence Platform

    Helene Kerper , Senior Director of Product Marketing, Qlik

    Marcus Spitzmiller , Director, Presales Enterprise Architecture and Enablement, Qlik

    This session will explain how to build the Active intelligence Platform. From your data source to Active Intelligence, Marcus covers various architectures that support Qlik's Active Intelligence vision. You will learn about how Qlik's Data Integration and Data Analytics portfolios work together to deliver actions and outcomes.

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  • Analysing Data that Simply Can't be Moved From its Home

    Vincenzo Esposito , Master Principal Enterprise Architect, Qlik

    Leigh Kennedy , Distinguished Principal Enterprise Architect, Qlik

    Attend this session to understand how Qlik Forts can address the complicated data sovereignty needs of organizations. Learn about Qlik's hybrid approach to allow organizations to Analyze all their data no matter where it is.

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  • Embedding Fundamentals with Qlik Cloud

    Vincenzo Esposito , Master Principal Enterprise Architect, Qlik

    Daniel Pilla , Master Principal Analytics Platform Architect, Qlik

    This session will provide an overview of embedding Qlik Cloud including examples and demos. In addition, strategies on the varying technology options will also be explored, covering topics including Iframes, the Capabilities API, and Nebula.js.

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