Deloitte – Strategic Global Alliance Partner

Solution Services and Qlik Product Capabilities

    • Data Discovery
    • Analytics Implementations
    • Strategic Roadmaps
    • Analytics Assessment
    • Insights-as-a-Service
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Process Lifecycle Orchestration
    • Master Data Management
    • Data Quality & Governance
    • Data Architecture
    • BI Applications
    • Data Warehousing
    • Data Lakes & In-Memory Solutions
    • Data Ingestion
    • Data Brokerages & Exchanges
    • Internet of Things
    • Visual Analytics
    • QlikView
    • Qlik Sense
    • Qlik Analytics Platform
    • Qlik NPrinting
    • Qlik GeoAnalytics

Qlik Certifications and Expertise

    • > 400 trained practitioners
    • > 50 Qlik-certified practitioners
    • > 600 practitioners in a global Qlik Community-of-Practice
    • > 200 Qlik projects completed globally
    • > 100 Qlik analytics solutions, templates and accelerators pre-built and available for re-use
    • > 5 Qlik Centers of Excellence, Regional Labs and Solution Development Centers worldwide

Joint Customers in Key Global Industries

    • Life Sciences & Healthcare
    • Financial Services & Insurance
    • Public Sector: Federal, State & Local
    • Energy & Resources
    • Transportation
    • Supply Chain & Logistics
    • Manufacturing
    • Technology, Media & Telecommunications
    • Consumer & Industrial Products

Qlik Awards

    • Qlik Global Consulting & Services Partner of the Year, 2017
    • Qlik Global Corporate Social Responsibility Partner of the Year, 2017
    • Qlik Consulting & Services Partner of the Year, LATAM, 2017
    • Qlik Systems Integrator Partner of the Year, North America, 2015
    • Qlik Benelux System Integrator Partner of the Year, 2015
    • Qlik Regional Partner of the Year, APAC, 2015
    • Qlik Benelux Alliance Partner of the Year, 2011
    • Qlik Global Special Award, 2010
    • Qlik Regional Developer of the Year, 2009
    • Qlik Regional Partner of the Year, Europe, 2008

The Deloitte and Qlik alliance provides clients with powerful business visualizations for data-driven insights

Data is everywhere around us. Analytics should be everywhere, too—in every corner of the business, every day. That’s what it takes to become a truly insight-driven organization. Deloitte business analytics specialists are adept at using the latest science-led methods to help organizations apply insights at the point of action. The result? Business-differentiating decisions and an insight-driven advantage.

Deloitte Analytics

Deloitte and Qlik work together to provide clients with Deloitte’s strategic solutions and Qlik’s platform of business intelligence, and data visualization and design software. Deloitte helps enterprise clients improve the way they access, visualize, and interact with their data. Together with Qlik, Deloitte brings client-ready solutions for data discovery and business intelligence for multiple industries, including Life Sciences & Healthcare, Financial Services, and Supply Chain & Logistics, among many others.

Deloitte is a global strategic partner and works with Qlik in all regions of the world. They have expertise in a wide variety of Qlik technologies and are experts in developing and delivering analytics solutions. They are the recipient of numerous Qlik awards, including the Qlik Global Consulting & Services Partner of the Year, 2017, the Qlik Global Corporate Social Responsibility Partner of the Year, 2017, and the Qlik Consulting & Services Partner of the Year, LATAM, 2017.

For more information about the partnership, please contact
Global Tim Duffy
Americas Tim Duffy
EMEA Erik Fenijn
APAC Peter Zeglis