Data Ingestion to Kafka and Streaming Platforms

Publish live transactions to modern data streams for real-time insights

Real-time and low impact

With Qlik Replicate, IT organizations gain:

  • Real-time data capture. Feed live database updates to message brokers with low latency.
  • Agent-less solution. Our log-based change data capture architecture eliminates the need for software agents on source systems and does not impose additional database performance overhead.

Kafka and big data integration

  • Metadata updates. Support source schema evolution and integrate with schema registries.
  • Universal access. Feed message brokers that stream to sinks such as Hadoop, S3, Hive, Cassandra and MongoDB.

Simple and high scale

  • No scripting. Rapidly configure, manage and monitor data flows with no manual scripting.
  • Scale. Support hundreds of sources, topics and targets.

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