Qlik Cloud® Data Services

Activate your data with market-leading integration and iPaaS capabilities at your service

Qlik Cloud Data Services accelerates the delivery of DataOps for analytics by providing real-time data movement, application automation and catalog capabilities that form the essential foundation of Active Intelligence.

Diagram demonstrating the Hybrid Data Delivery process

Hybrid Data Delivery

Replicate data in near real time from on-premises data sources into Qlik Cloud. Automatically and continuously ingest data without the need for job scheduling or scripting. Data is automatically cataloged, transformed and ready for consumption by Qlik analytics applications. Your analytics are continually updated without any manual intervention whenever the source data changes to ensure you have the most up-to-date insights and can seize those important business moments.

  • Real-time movement from all enterprise sources including relational databases, SAP, mainframe and SaaS applications
  • Point and click analytic data pipeline configuration for rapid deployment
  • Integrated data cataloging and profiling for better efficiency and utilization

Application Automation

Easily create workflows with a no-code visual editor that streamlines and optimizes your data and analytics processes. Quickly integrate automated flows that span market leading SaaS applications to trigger alerts and invoke downstream processes that react to changes in your business. Consequently, you spend less time programming back-office tasks that drive automated actions, leaving you more time for data analysis.

  • Drive insights to action by embedding integrations to other applications directly in your Qlik Sense application and trigger context aware downstream processes.
  • Simplify SaaS integrations without the need to understand their low-level APIs through drag and drop of smart blocks to build powerful workflow logic.
  • Increase analytics DevOps productivity by orchestrating both your tenant administration and Qlik Sense app development tasks with ease.

Catalog Services

As a foundational service in Qlik Cloud, catalog services are the central source to manage and discover all your datasets and application automations while maintaining security and compliance standards.

  • View business metadata and lineage to improve understanding and trust.
  • Apply personalized tags, properties, and business metadata for greater utilization.
  • Browse dataset samples and profile statistics to ensure that data sets contain the expected information.

DataOps para analítica

Moderna integración de datos que suministra en tiempo real datos útiles y listos para la analítica a cualquier entorno de analítica: Qlik, Tableau, PowerBI y muchos más.

  • Streaming de datos en tiempo real (CDC)

    Amplíe los datos corporativos con canales de streaming en directo para dar cabida a los microservicios y a una analítica moderna con una solución sencilla y universal en tiempo real.
  • Automatización ágil de Data Warehouse

    Diseñe, cree, implemente y gestione con rapidez data warehouses en la nube con fines específicos sin necesidad de programación manual.
  • Creación de data lakes gestionados

    Automatice los procesos complejos de ingestión y transformación a fin de suministrar data lakes permanentemente actualizados y listos para la analítica.
  • Qlik Catalog para la empresa

    Despliegue la analítica a todos los niveles de su empresa mediante un catálogo de datos de autoservicio.


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