Retail and services

Target and retain profitable customers. Optimise supply chains for more efficient sales, marketing, merchandising and servicing. Increase top-line revenues. Decrease costs and sales outstanding. Track leading indicators to adjust to changing markets.

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Retail and wholesale

Analyse customers, products and transactions across channels and geographical markets. Rapidly integrate data from any source. Identify revenue, margin and profit opportunities. Empower retail and wholesale teams with self-service Business Intelligence, at any time and in any location.

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Optimise service performance and client interactions. Improve service line profitability and workforce use. Enhance accuracy of revenue, win-loss ratios, days sales outstanding (DSO) and resource use forecasting. Attract and retain profitable customers through targeted, customer-focused campaigns.

Transport and logistics

Get products from one place to another, on time and at the lowest cost. Maximise fleet investment through increased efficiency and capacity use. Create greater visibility for improved negotiations and more responsive and agile operations.

Data sheet: Fleet management

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With more than 250 locations in 22 countries, each with ever-increasing activity online and on social media, it is vital for Ted Baker to manage and deliver predictive customer insight.

Cabela's unlocks the power of BI

Learn why Cabela's has sought out tools such as QlikView to communicate insights in an accessible, easy-to-use manner to help make faster, more intelligent decisions.

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