Align strategies to address market shifts, customer sentiment and developing trends. Boost marketing ROI through better targeting and campaign performance.

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Campaign performance

Optimise marketing strategies. Make the customer journey more compelling. Track and measure campaign performance. Improve targeting, conversion and ROI. Analyse customer sentiment and increase brand awareness.

Customer segmentation

Deliver greater ROI – target the right prospects and your most valuable customers. Improve customer segmentation and conversion. Specify targets for upselling and cross-selling. Measure KPIs such as customer lifetime values, activation and churn.

Data sheet: Qlik for Customer Segmentation (PDF)

Web analytics

Integrate channels to deliver a consistent brand experience. Improve brand awareness and customer loyalty. Identify threats and opportunities. Analyse market shifts, customer sentiment and trends.

Data sheet: Qlik for Web Analytics (PDF)

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White paper: Unlocking your marketing data

Marketing teams no longer need to navigate information gatekeepers for reports, dashboards and data insights. Learn more about user-driven Business Intelligence (BI).

Analyst report: Lead generation and sales results

By connecting lead generation with sales results, sentiment analysis and social media traffic, marketers today can use marketing analytics to demonstrate the impact their activities have on the business.

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