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    • Installation of BI environment "Beacon" in March 2010
    • Five applications in production by the end of the first year
    • Qlik applications are used by 1,600 users in 103 hospitals across the US
    • The slowest app response time is under three seconds – over 90% have sub-second response times

HealthSouth improves patient outcomes with Qlik

HealthSouth's analytics environment, named "Beacon", is a custom- built proprietary system that has revolutionised the way information is consolidated and distributed throughout the enterprise. HealthSouth's leadership teams have moved from paper reports and "hand-keyed" spreadsheets to a world of online, near-real-time analytics, enabling more accurate, effective and efficient decision-making.

Driving critical decisions for 1,600 users daily

HealthSouth chose Qlik because the data visualisation was the best in the industry and the associative data model seemed like a natural fit with the data warehouse. Additionally, QlikView offers optimal ease of use.

With QlikView, processes were improved, the amount of effort required was reduced and the skillset underwent a rapid transformation. The ease of use enabled the creation of a BI environment used by over 1,600 users at more than 100 hospitals.

Increased efficiency and patient satisfaction, better outcomes

One of the initial focuses for HealthSouth was on creating applications that focused on labour and therapist productivity. Next came the supply chain and patient satisfaction applications. These applications helped the company to decrease labour for labour productivity management and monitoring, increase functional outcomes as compared to expected outcomes and improve the consistency of practices and standardised ways of reporting key measurements.

"In healthcare, we didn't want to require our CEOs and controllers in our hospitals to be IT experts – we want them to be healthcare experts. QlikView has definitely enabled that," Darren Freeman, BI Manager at HealthSouth Corporation said.

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