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Big Brothers Big Sisters


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    • Data unified to provide easy centralised access
    • Greater ability to analyse children's growth and development

Helping Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to improve the lives of children

For over 100 years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America has been the largest donor and volunteer-supported mentoring network in the US.

"Data is one of our biggest assets, especially when it comes to securing funding, which is what enables us to provide our services to so many kids," says Brian Moffo, Director of Business Intelligence, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America aims to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.

Given the importance of having easy access to its data, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America realised that it needed to improve the performance of its information infrastructure. "Our input systems didn't talk to one another," Moffo says. "We wanted to build a unified data warehouse system with solutions that could sit on top of older systems. We didn't want to have to rebuild everything, but rather just take the data as it was."

Centralised data, more effective employees

In order to address these challenges, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America turned to an international consulting and systems integration company, Business & Decision, a leader in the Business Intelligence space and a long-time QlikView partner.

Business & Decision began working with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to build several apps and put all of the organisation's data into a centralised source, where it could be easily accessed. QlikView was then deployed to approximately 50 individuals at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America's national office. The benefits of QlikView were seen in a very short time.

"QlikView immediately made employees more effective," Moffo says. "The time that was spent putting together Excel documents and reports morphed into time spent taking closer looks at the data and making decisions to improve the organisation. For example, employees began spending more time seeking out potential donors and identifying opportunities for local agencies in specific areas of the country."

Analysing the impact on children's lives

QlikView has had a noteworthy impact on Big Brothers Big Sisters of America's grant writing programme. Before QlikView, managing grants was a completely manual process. For example, the organisation might receive a specific grant intended to fund matches between Hispanic male children between the ages of eight and ten and Hispanic volunteers. Using QlikView, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America aggregated and analysed the necessary data only to discover that the grants and the matches were not being tagged correctly at the agency level. The organisation now uses QlikView dashboards to quickly catch such problems and alert the agencies to make corrections.

Most importantly, QlikView has helped Big Brothers Big Sisters of America deliver an effective and impactful programme to children. The programme's success is measured by children's growth and development – it is essential that Big Brothers Big Sisters of America has the tools it needs to carry out its mission. The national office and its agencies are constantly in communication with children and mentors, receiving feedback and gathering data to assess the quality and impact of their matches. National level employees use QlikView to gather all of the relevant information and then analyse it. This enables them to assess the strength and impact of the current matches and make changes accordingly.

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