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BARC BI Survey 17
Analyst Report
We do things differently so you can, too. See why Gartner named Qlik a leader for the 8th year in a row.
The BARC Score 2017
Analyst Report
BARC’s BI Survey is the world’s largest survey of BI users. Read why users top ranked Qlik in 12 key categories of its peer groups, including Business Value, Customer Satisfaction, Business Benefits, Project Success, and much more. Analyst Report
How do successful companies leverage their data, people, and ideas as strategic assets in today's dynamic business environments? By freeing them from their silos and connecting them in innovative ways to drive powerful insights. We've identified 11 emerging trends for 2018 that make this possible, so you can begin to transform your business.
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Using Data Literacy to Build an Insights-Driven Culture

Becoming data literate is no longer an option in today’s data-driven world, it’s a must. Join us to learn how to promote data literacy in your organization.

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Qlik® Webinar: BI Trends 2018

Join Qlik’s Global Market Intelligence lead and former Gartner analyst Dan Sommer to learn why 2018 is the year for the “desilofication of data.”

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Gartner Cloud BI: Do's, Don'ts, and Gotchas

Hear about all the factors you should consider when developing your cloud strategy.

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Deploying Cloud Analytics with Qlik Sense®

Help your business master the cloud with Qlik Sense. Check out our on-demand webinar and we'll show you how.

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Visualize YOUR World Virtual Talkshow

Watch 7 of the top thinkers in the analytics space. The Virtual Talkshow is now available on-demand.

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Take your insights to the next level: Qlik Sense® for QlikView® users

Join Qlik for a free webinar and learn how Qlik Sense, our next-generation, self-service data analytics platform, can help take your insights to the next level.

Datasheets / Brochures

Qlik for Supply Chain Fleet Management

Owning, operating, or outsourcing a fleet is a requirement for many industries. Vehicles, buses, planes, vessels, or rail cars must be purchased or leased, and properly maintained to avoid downtime and repairs. Labor must be hired and trained to operate the fleet in a safe and efficient manner to deliver the raw materials, finished goods, or passengers to the desired location in the appropriate time window. Regulations must be followed to ensure the fleet is compliant with local emissions standards as well as safety regulations. Qlik® for Fleet Management apps empower individuals and groups to make faster and better informed decisions.

Datasheets / Brochures

Top Solutions for the Retail Supply Chain

Top solutions for the retail supply chain. Retail and Wholesale organizations globally rely on Qlik® to empower business users and decision-makers, by providing access to on demand analysis, insights, and data discovery.

Analyst Reports

The BARC Score Enterprise BI and Analytics Platforms

The BARC Score is a comprehensive vendor evaluation by BARC analysts providing a clear overview of enterprise BI platforms. Read why Qlik is positioned as a Market Leader in this report.

Analyst Report

Analyst Report: BARC’s BI Survey 17 – Qlik Highlights

The BARC BI Survey — the world’s largest and most comprehensive study of BI end users — provides user feedback from over 3,000 respondents on 42 BI product selections. Read how these users rank 42 BI platforms and why Qlik achieved top rankings in several key criteria, including Business Value, Customer Satisfaction, Business Benefits, Project Success, and much more.


Qlik NPrinting: Architecture and Scaleability

Qlik NPrinting 17 is Qlik's next-generation reporting and distribution solution for Qlik Sense® and QlikView®, helping organizations spread knowledge and insight by creating and distributing great looking reports in various document formats.

This Qlik NPrinting whitepaper details the architecture and addresses scaling across user demand and report delivery with performance benchmark results and deployment examples.

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Qlik Sense® and REST: Tips for tapping into all of your data

Qlik Sense® and REST: Tips for tapping into all of your data, where you’ll learn how to leverage Qlik Sense, Qlik’s collection of pre-configured connectors and the Qlik® REST Connector.