HR and People Analytics

Transform your business with data-driven HR and people operations.

People are the source of business success. To maximize the value of your most important business asset, HR and leadership must be able to deeply understand workforce effectiveness and confidently predict the impact of change. The best people analytics make that possible, leveraging all your people data so you can recruit the right talent, make them happier and more productive, and help every line of business thrive.

  • Optimize sourcing channels

    Power up your hiring. Ensure your recruitment budget is allocated to the most productive places, monitoring performance across channels to support rapid optimization of spend.
  • Improve your quality of hire

    Stop guessing about the impact of your talent. Establish performance metrics and analyze the data to predict how new prospects can impact long-term company success.
  • Advance diversity and gender goals

    Close workforce gaps and reap the rewards of more equal representation, prioritizing change and measuring progress regularly with a highly streamlined process.
  • Streamline onboarding processes

    Reduce attrition by delivering the best possible experience from day one. Use analytics to continually evaluate processes while streamlining documentation.
  • Track and optimize learning programs

    Compare training data—from skill-based to compliance—with job results to evaluate effectiveness. Quickly track and evaluate learning engagement and skills growth with an interactive HR dashboard.
  • Proactively manage employee development

    Simplify career mapping by building models to promotion. Mine top performer data for consistent characteristics. Predict those most likely to succeed next.
  • Modern and predictive workforce planning

    Measure, report, and analyze everything from absenteeism to promotion and successor gap rates. And predict human capital supply and demand dynamics to plan for changing business conditions.
  • Optimize compensation & benefits

    Empower your team with analytics that help you understand and optimize total reward balancing business profitability and employee satisfaction.
  • Drive employee engagement

    Understand employee sentiment, using pulse employee survey data and other apps to highlight trends and relationships. Use analytics to determine promotions and awards.
  • Anticipate and manage crises faster

    Use dynamic, near-real time data to identify and respond to natural and man-made disasters, quickly assessing and reducing employee risk with proactive, timely, data-informed actions.
  • Combine and analyze all your HR data sources

    Close gaps and discover new trends by combining data across all people systems and apps—HCM, payroll, compliance, learning, LOB and more. Every data relationship is indexed so you can freely explore it all.
  • Deepen insights with AI-powered people analytics

    Go way beyond static HR reports. Powerful AI helps you turn people data into informed action faster than ever with insight suggestions, automation, and natural language interaction.
  • Automate comprehensive strategic HR reporting

    Radically reduce report prep time so the HR team can focus on strategic contributions. Empower leadership with deeper people insights to capitalize on opportunities, streamline operations and grow the business.
  • Go further with advanced HR analytics

    Keep your people operations ahead of change, integrating advanced analytics to more effectively predict and respond to attrition dynamics, employee engagement opportunities, staffing and resourcing needs, and more.

Transformieren Sie Ihr Unternehmen mithilfe Ihrer Daten.