Qlik Acquires CrunchBot and Crunch Data

Driving adoption and data literacy through AI-powered conversational analytics

We’re excited to announce the acquisition of the CrunchBot AI-powered bot along with Crunch Data Inc.’s experienced team of AI and solution development professionals, enhancing Qlik’s conversational analytics capabilities.

CrunchBot offers a conversational, natural language analytics interface that can be accessed from within Qlik Sense as well as through popular messaging and collaboration tools such as Slack, Skype, Salesforce Chat, and Microsoft Teams. Built on top of Qlik’s open API framework and associative engine, it works uniquely with Qlik - enabling users to gain insights conversationally and then transition to visual exploration for deeper understanding and discovery.

Crunch Data’s team of AI and solution development professionals will help drive analytics adoption and customer successes, integrating immediately into Qlik’s existing customer success organization to expand Qlik’s ability to deliver value-added and managed services.

CrunchBot is available immediately from Qlik.

View the CrunchBot in action