The Value of Data Literacy on Youth Skills Day

Qlik today is celebrating World Youth Skills day, and believes in the value of helping to enable data related skills across all sectors of society. We continue to invest in various programs like the Data Literacy Project and the Qlik Academic Program, where we’ve partnered with universities and schools globally to empower students in harnessing the power of data and analytics in their own learning environments.

This spring, Qlik was welcomed by Anurag Group of Institutions in Hyderabad as a part of the institute’s first-ever Data Analytics Club. The Data Analytics Club at Anurag focuses on career development and equipping students with the right skills and tools in analytics, and will provide hands-on experience through learning, events, program simulations and guest lectures. With over 200 students and professors in attendance, Qlik discussed the role of data analytics and data literacy in the era of digital transformation, and the technological changes taking place with the convergence of AI and machine learning. With 53 students and professors from Anurag Group already completing the Qlik Sense Business Analyst Qualification and 40 students gaining the Data Analytics Certification, Qlik is working with the institute on more initiatives to develop wider engagement to further integrate the Qlik Academic Program.

This past April Qlik partnered in The American Statistical Association (ASA)’s DataFest 2019 – a celebration of data where teams of undergraduates work around the clock to find and share insights from a large, rich, and complex data set. This year’s competition took place at Villanova University, with 60 students competing against teams from 11 different universities to analyze and uncover insights from a common data set. The Qlik Academic Program was among the analytics experts on ground to guide students to analyze and pull together their findings, enabling students to take advantage of building easy Qlik Sense charts and leverage Qlik's storytelling function to deliver their presentations!

With initiatives such as these and many more, Qlik continues its commitment to bringing data literacy to the masses by offering open access to learning resources and a comprehensive data literacy certification. With the addition of the new Data Literacy Project Community forum, we are empowering students and professors, and other classes of learners to come together and share their experiences in creating a data-literate world.

To learn how you can get started on your data literacy journey visit the Qlik Academic Program here.

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