Qlik’s New Cloud Services Track Helps Partners Accelerate Customers’ Cloud Journey

New Qlik Program Track Gives Partners The Tools and Support To Enable Lifetime Value Customer Relationships in a Cloud-First World

The trend was already underway, and the past 18 months have only accelerated it – analytics customers are going to the cloud. Qlik is already a leader in cloud analytics, with our customers benefiting from the most robust, multi-cloud analytics platform on the market. Today, we take a big step forward in helping our partner network join in the excitement with the launch of our new Cloud Services track.

The track provides robust rewards and incentives that partners need to grow their Qlik business in the cloud. It is designed to enable a smooth and successful transition for partners to a lifetime value customer model focused on service, support and solutions. “The market has shifted and digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way we need to work with partners to drive customer success. Partners are vital to delivering outcomes and are a critical part of our success.” said Peter Leddy, VP Global Partner Organization at Qlik.

“The ecosystem mindset will involve finding the right partners, providing them with the tools and motivation to grow their businesses, and orchestrating a trusting environment that encourages value creation, co-innovation, and taking advantage of network effects” Jay McBain, Principal Analyst, Forrester, in a recent blog post1.

Qlik has made it easier than ever for customers to adopt Qlik as part of their strategy to activate data through the cloud. These program updates put the same focus for partners in their shift away from selling perpetual licenses to subscription with a sell/service/support and solutions approach that matches what customers want. The track will also make it even easier for partners to leverage the cloud-agnostic nature of Qlik Cloud to deliver packaged solutions that drive value for customers.“Qlik’s new Cloud Services track is a welcome evolution in the way we can partner with Qlik to build our business and deliver more joint value to customers,” said Martin Sahlin, CEO of Stretch Qonnect. “The program will help us transform the customer relationship, accelerate adoption and build long-term business value together.”

The Cloud Services track will enable a closer customer relationship for partners, helping them deliver consistent value through deeper focus on customer success, which will in turn create additional recurring service opportunities. Every program element exists to make it easier than ever to work with Qlik to meet modern customer needs and collaborate on driving larger opportunities together.

As customers continue to accelerate their journey to the cloud, partners are focused less on the buying transaction but more on the opportunity to provide services to ensure a successful customer outcome. The Cloud Services track provides partners with better collaboration and teaming with Qlik while focusing on rewarding partners for the right behaviors during opportunity engagement, deal collaboration and long-term customer lifecycle support. Customers continue to look to partners for more integrated solutions, not just point products, and Qlik’s Active Intelligence vision provides partners with an excellent services multiplier.

“The SaaS economy has shifted the world from a product to services mindset, which requires a modern approach that targets a broader ecosystem while providing multiple engagement models,” said Mike Capone, CEO at Qlik. “Our partners have always been a critical part of our success, and we are committing the resources partners need to build profitable and thriving recurring revenue businesses around our cloud platform. This program will enable partners to deliver consistent value with a collaborative teaming approach that fully supports our customers on their journey to the cloud.”

The Cloud Services Partner track will be formally available to partners as of July 19, 2021. For more information, partners can visit: qlik.com/partners.

1 “What I See Coming from the Channel: 2021” – Forrester blog by Jay McBain, Principal Analyst, Forrester; Blog published January 21, 2021: https://go.forrester.com/blogs/what-i-see-coming-for-the-channel-2021/

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