Qlik – Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Leader Again!

And How We’re Preparing for Another Decade of Leadership

The new 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics report is out, and you can find it here! Gartner’s brand, alongside its breadth of research by its analysts, ensures that it’s a key reference document for clients in buying situations. No wonder, then, that every year the industry anxiously awaits where dots will fall on that famous 2x2 matrix. Therefore, I’m delighted to announce that Qlik is a Leader, again, for the 11th year in a row.

In the 15 years I’ve covered the space (for many years as an industry analyst), I’ve seen vendors emerge, disappear and dots move around. Anyone can be trendy and dance for one summer, but customers are looking for sustained and successful partnerships. That is why consistency cannot be understated. We celebrate today, but – and it’s a big but – we can’t and won’t stop here. We intend to lead through a second decade, as well. Here are my takeaways for why we’re a leader, and why I’m even more enthusiastic about the future.

  • More touchpoints in the value chain – We’re seeing analytic opportunities open up both earlier and later than where they have traditionally occurred. With Qlik’s vision for Active Intelligence bringing the world of data integration and data analytics together to create an end-to-end analytics data pipeline, now enhanced through acquisitions like Blendr.io and Knarr – we are driving agility and collaboration across the entire value chain with insights that inform and also compel action.
  • Innovation – Qlik is an innovator recognized not just for building what is behind the visualization, our unique associative difference. It’s for leading with AI and machine-driven analytics and automation; and leading in the cloud with our SaaS offering while supporting an open platform that provides flexibility and choice through hybrid use cases.
  • Customer choice – Your Data and Analytics strategy shouldn’t be dictated by your application or cloud vendor. Every business extends beyond a single vendor, and Qlik is the glue that connects it all together across application and cloud boundaries. That means that the need for choice today – and provisionally for the future – is imperative. Only one leader can meet this need. Qlik integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure and application choices, allowing you to deploy analytics across any cloud stack, and allows you to balance between client-managed and vendor-managed at your pace and to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Openness is everything – None of us is as smart as all of us. Together with our users and partners, we’re co-innovating on an open platform. Over the years, this has meant use-cases that we couldn’t have dreamt up ourselves. As a result, there is a host of different solutions and use-cases that can take Qlik in any direction you want, and which integrate seamlessly in our platform.
  • Customer success – You want to democratize analytics and become data-driven? You can’t disregard scalability and performance, and Qlik has an analytics engine purpose-built for it. We’re deeply embedded in our customers’ processes – the same processes that run their businesses. From the simple to the complex, this goes way beyond visualizations and way beyond the business analyst, to things that you struggle to do in other tools. And it goes beyond technology. We’re recognized leaders in combining technology and services, never losing focus on Data Literacy. Perhaps this is why our existing customers are fiercely loyal, and why Qlik continues to both grow our customer base and why more and more customers come to Qlik after less powerful solutions fail to meet their expectations.
  • Leadership for another decade – Times of crisis, like the year we’ve just endured ups the ante for what customers expect from their providers. We saw this phenomenon during the financial crisis just over a decade ago. Bolt-on business intelligence solutions from stack vendors of that time simply did not meet requirements when customers really needed it. Hence, a generational shift, from reporting-centric BI to agile, analysis-centric BI that sat closer to the business, enabling exploration and finding hidden answers. This was the beginning of Qlik’s leadership in the MQ and in the wider market. Fast forward to this year and drastically changed circumstances have again accelerated and prompted completely different expectations. Organizations are looking for analytics that can embed actions into workflows, processes and moments, but also, strategically, to synthesize data and signals early, enabling collaboration and options for organizations to embark on more informed paths. The expectations for next generation technology can be summed up in moving from passive to active intelligence. And here, Qlik is paving trails to create entirely new levels of leadership and, ultimately, value for our cherished customers.

Get a complimentary copy of the full report here: Gartner Magic Quadrant BI 2021.

@Gartner_inc recognizes @Qlik for 11th year in a row as BI & Analytics Leader; find link to free copy of report in @Dansommer's post

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