Qlik and C40 Cities Launch QlikWorld Datathon Challenge for Customers and Partners

Participants To Develop Data and Analytic Solutions To Promote City Resiliency

As we approach our QlikWorld 2020 online conference, I am excited to announce the launch of the QlikWorld Datathon in partnership with C40 Cities. The Datathon is our annual challenge to our customers and partners to develop data and analytic solutions to key issues, which we highlight at our annual customer and partner event. This year we’re focusing on solutions to promote city resiliency, with the added test of understanding how the COVID-19 outbreak impacts our plans for climate sustainability. We believe that the use of data and analytics will not only bring us through this crisis but will enable citizens and cities to transform in a way that is needed for a sustainable future.

We invite submissions from our customers and partners from now until 5:00pm EST, May 29. Submissions should be sent to the Qlik FTB site, according to the instructions found at the end of the Datathon challenge document. Click here to download a ZIP file containing the document.

Datathon Submission Guidelines

The Datathon takes resiliency and COVID-19 data and overlays a view of other socioeconomic factors and demographic data. Participants will create and present solutions to the response efforts and how we can best prepare for future outbreaks. Participating customers and partners should submit applications that allow city officials to visualize the following:

  • The situation on COVID-19 for world cities in a regional or global context;
  • The actions and policies that cities are taking as a response to COVID-19, mapping the response geographically, by action type, policy area or other criteria;
  • The role of demographic factors like population density in the spread of COVID-19 in cities; and
  • How cities can use data and analytics to plan for resiliency against future crises.

The applications can also include: city vulnerability parameters; a mapping of city air pollution sources and impacts; peer city comparisons, including similar city characteristics, such as population and economic metrics; and the impact of COVID-19 on mobility, as well as any other relevant parameters.

The result should be an application that helps cities see the interactions between these parameters and variables, with visuals including maps, lists and charts to best present the data. Semifinalists (3-5 of the submissions) will be selected on how well their application addresses a business need, its uniqueness and features, its value proposition, its simplicity and ease of use, as well as its clarity and layout.

Semifinalist Applications Unveiled at QlikWorld2020

Please join us for QlikWorld 2020, from June 24-25, by registering here and see the Datathon semifinalists’ exciting applications, recordings of which will be played on-demand over the two days. Registrants can participate in an online audience judging which will determine the Datathon’s winner, with the winning solution announced live at QlikWorld at 5:00pm EST on June 25.

As a reminder for Datathon participants, please send your submissions to the Qlik FTB site, according to the instructions and resources found here in a ZIP file.

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] or [email protected] with any questions. Also, you can read up more on the challenge by visiting this Qlik Community page.

@Qlik launches QlikWorld Datathon challenge for customers & partners together w/ @c40cities - this year's datathon focuses on city resiliency. Read the blog post by our own @juliekae to learn more.


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