Multi-cloud & Augmented Intelligence – Setting the Stage for Qlik’s Transformation to SaaS

Today at Qonnections we outlined new innovations in multi-cloud and augmented intelligence that are setting the stage for Qlik as the leading platform for SaaS-based analytics. Leveraging our unique Associative Difference and Kubernetes-based architecture, Qlik is now able to deliver the full Qlik Sense Enterprise product on Qlik Cloud Services. This firmly aligns Qlik’s analytics platform with our customers’ cloud-first strategies, offering the broadest range of multi-cloud deployment choices on the market, all under a single subscription licensing model.

The Qlik Sense April and June releases advance our vision for the 3rd generation of business intelligence, helping you to:

  • Democratize data and make it universally accessible to the enterprise, through a range of new data integration capabilities
  • Utilize AI to drive data literacy by augmenting users’ analysis and providing conversational interaction
  • Embed and enable access to applications and data through from the C-Suite to the edge of an organization
  • Make all of this available across your enterprise and beyond, with a modern multi-cloud approach to data and analytics

With the latest release of Qlik Sense Enterprise, we are enabling users to deploy Qlik Sense Enterprise entirely on Qlik Cloud Services – Qlik’s SaaS environment. This means enterprises can deploy Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes in the public or private cloud of their choice. In addition, all deployment options for Qlik Sense Enterprise – including Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows – now work cohesively as a single environment, as part of Qlik’s multi-cloud deployment framework. Customers now have true cloud analytics choice through a single platform with Qlik.

We also recently debuted a new augmented analytics capability in Qlik Sense called Associative Insights. This powerful new feature combines our associative and cognitive engines to suggest hidden insights in your data, giving users “peripheral vision” to discover hidden insights and the drivers behind them. Because the Qlik Associative Engine identifies unrelated values relative to a user’s selections, our Cognitive Engine can now analyze those unrelated values and reveal the most significant insights that might have been overlooked. With Associative Insights, users are prompted to ask new questions, leading to new and transformative discoveries.

With the upcoming Qlik Sense June 2019 release we plan to deliver even more around augmented intelligence, including expanded natural language search support for Insight Advisor and expanded user reach for machine learning in Qlik Cloud Services. Our June release will also include new connectivity in the cloud to additional applications such as Salesforce and SAP, and multiple enhancements to our mobile capabilities including: a Qlik Sense Mobile for Blackberry built for Blackberry Dynamics EMM; support for Mobile Iron EMM platform; and mobile collaboration with administrative push notifications for Android and iOS applications.

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