Customer Spotlight: TOPdesk deploys new service through Qlik Sense

Over 10 user-friendly apps helped improve TOPdesk’s company culture

TOPdesk is an IT service management company originally founded by two students in Delft in the Netherlands. The company now has 500 employees in 10 countries supporting more than 4,000 customers to more easily manage their incoming notifications and manage workflows.

At TOPdesk the main priority is always how to convert data into useful information. For 12 years they’ve been creating reports and analytics for both their internal processes and externally for their customers.

For years, TOPdesk has been working closely with Victa – an elite Qlik partner. Together they developed a dynamic and interactive management dashboard based on QlikView to provide TOPdesk customers access to insights in the data generated by TOPdesk’s service management software.

TOPdesk developed a system known as MIST: Management Information System TOPdesk. Together, the CEO and some students from the TU Delft worked to develop this system to provide insights into finance and sales. However, like many systems, MIST had its disadvantages.

“On the one hand we were lacking technical knowledge. MIST was developed in PHP and everything was programmed following business logic in reports, check boxes, filtering and presentation layer. Adding new reports and analytics was a very complextask. On the other hand we received many requests of the business, which is a logical consequence of creating insight in data. This made us realize that MIST is not futureproof.”

– Thijs Verhoef, Head of Business Support, TOPdesk

Since they already used Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), the company initially wanted to duplicate the environment by developing a data warehouse. Quickly the TOPdesk team realized that developing a reporting and analyzing environment with SSRS was too complex and required technical skills they didn’t have in-house.After an initial review, TOPdesk decided to select Qlik Sense to replace MIST.

“This was the perfect time for us to compare the solutions in the market. In the end we felt Qlik Sense was again the best solution, because of the user friendliness for both the end user and developer. You can feel that Qlik Sense is one of the most mature tools available in the market today. Qlik has made some choices that were important to us, such as the in-memory and associative model. This makes Qlik Sense a very powerful self-service BI solution.”

– Thijs Verhoef, Head of Business Support, TOPdesk

Working with Victa in the past made it easier for TOPdesk to deploy and purchase Qlik Sense internally. The team also had the opportunity to get hands-on experience when working with the platform. In a matter of months TOPdesk deployed over 10 different Qlik Sense apps for finance, sales, HR, and marketing. Qlik Sense is also being used by a department that focuses on product development and adoption. Training different team members at TOPdesk became as simple as a 2 hour presentation on how to work with the platform.

According to Thijs Verhoef, self-service is one of the most important functionalities of Qlik Sense. Unlike when working with MIST, employees are now able to discover data and unveil hidden insights. Additionally, since the quality of their data improved, TOPdesk felt like they were working towards a “one single source of truth”. Overall, providing easy access to data for analysis helped improve the company’s culture.

“It’s my personal ambition that people make decisions based on data instead of intuition, and this ambition becomes true with Qlik Sense.”

– Thijs Verhoef, Head of Business Support, TOPdesk

How #QlikSense helped improve @TOPdesk's company culture!


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