System Administrator Certification

QlikView 11 System Administrator Certification

The QlikView System Administrator Certification exam tests your ability to gather and interpret QlikView Server and Publisher requirements, set up a Server and Publisher hardware and software environment, configure QlikView Server and Publisher components, administer QlikView Server and Publisher, and monitor and troubleshoot QlikView Server and Publisher.

The QlikView System Administrator exam is a one-day, hands-on lab session in a virtual classroom environment delivered by Qlik Education Services. The session will be conducted live and takes place on specific dates during normal business hours. This exam is available in English, French, Japanese and Spanish.

Exam Prerequisites

As this is an advanced technical exam, the following knowledge and experience is suggested:

  • Basic knowledge of Business Intelligence, reporting, data analysis
  • Experience working with the QlikView product suite, specifically the Server and Publisher components
  • Knowledge and experience with Microsoft Windows Server based environments

Recommended Preparation Resources

Exam Domain Areas

Gather and Interpret QlikView Server and Publisher Requirements (20% of exam)

  • Given a set of business objectives, determine which Server and/or Publisher configuration to deploy

Set Up and Configure QlikView Server and Publisher (50% of exam)

  • Given a scenario, install Server and/or Publisher components
  • Given a scenario, configure tasks and documents
  • Given a scenario, test and troubleshoot installation issues

Administer QlikView Server and Publisher (18% of exam)

  • Given a scenario, manage Server collaboration
  • Given a scenario, assign access rights to the QlikView application
  • Given a scenario, add or delete users and/or groups

Monitor and Troubleshoot QlikView Server and Publisher (12% of exam)

  • Given a scenario, identify and resolve task errors


QlikView System Administrators