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2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms
Analyst Report
Qlik is recognized as a Leader in the Gartner 2017 Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform Magic Quadrant report. See why it’s the seventh consecutive year that Qlik is positioned as a Leader based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.
Qlik White Papers
White Paper
Learn about good practices using the Qlik Sense® standard User Interface to create Visual Analytics applications.
Qlik Sense Cloud
Qlik Sense Cloud
Create and privately share visual analytics on any device, anywhere, anytime via secure Qlik hosting.
Data Sheet

Qlik® DataMarket

Boost your insight by seamlessing including financial markets data in your analysis. Qlik DataMarket provides a complete cloud-based data service to a large variety of external syndicated data sources via a subscription model. Access a comprehensive library of financial statement data and daily calculated fundamental data from global exchanges that can be seamless integrated with any other data in Qlik.

On-demand webinar

Your Epic Data: Now Working Harder with Qlik

See a live demo of the Epic and Qlik® integrations, including how to launch Qlik from Epic Hyperspace using Radar, launch Epic activities, and display external data with your EHR data.

Data Sheet

Qlik® NPrinting

Qlik NPrinting 17 is Qlik’s next-generation reporting and distribution solution for QlikView, helping spread knowledge and insight across the organization and beyond. This data sheet provides an overview of the product and its capabilities for report creation, distribution, and enterprise deployment.


Boosting Sales: 5 essential components of user-driven BI platforms

Leading sales organizations are turning to user-driven BI to improve their processes and functions. In this e-book, learn the five essential components for successful data discovery, and how the right platform arms sales organizations with a greater level of insight regarding business challenges.

Analyst Report

Dresner Advisory: 2016 Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study

In the 2016 Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study, Dresner Advisory scores Qlik a Technology Leader in its customer experience model and a Trust Leader in its vendor credibility model.

Qlik's scores continue to rise and have increased this year in areas such as value, overall integrity, most sales measures, several product integration and customization measures, ease of upgrade/migration to new versions, technical support responsiveness, and consulting professionalism.


The top 12 Qlik solutions in financial services

As the digital revolution in financial services accelerates, leading firms are gaining a competitive advantage by leveraging their most strategic resource: data. With Qlik, financial services firms are linking disparate data sources and empowering departments with self-service to uncover actionable insights.

Brochure / Datasheet

QlikView and Qlik Sense Server White List – Scalability Center Tech Note

One of the most common questions that the Scalability Center at Qlik gets asked is “What machine(s) should I buy?” This document publishes the Scalability Center approved “whitelist” of hardware which have been tested and achieved favorable performance results favorable performance results in typical QlikView and Qlik Sense environments.


Qlik Guided Tour: Hidden Insights in IT Data

With Qlik®, you can discover the whole story that lives within your IT data. By bringing together data across various systems, Qlik helps you gain a better understanding of projects, more effectively manage resources, and increase overall efficiencies.

Analyst Report

Which Embedded Analytics Product is Right For You?

As data proliferates, organizations want to monetize data assets by injecting outward-facing applications with reports, dashboards, and self-service analytics.

This report outlines key criteria for evaluating embedded analytics solutions. It discusses three types of analytics technology that can be embedded (i.e., BI components, BI tools, and BI platforms) and five approaches to embedding. Finally it describes 12 criteria for evaluating embedded analytics solutions.

Analyst Report

Embedded Analytics: The Future of Business Intelligence

Embedded Analytics is not new, but the technology for integrating charts, reports, dashboard and self-service tool has evolved considerably in the past 30 years.

This reports outlines the evolution of BI and Embedded Analytics and it discusses about the question - Build or Buy?


Qlik Guided Tour: Hidden Insights in Supply Chain Data

With Qlik®, you can discover the whole story that lives within your supply chain data. By enabling you to freely explore your data across all the parts of your company, Qlik lets go beyond simple inventory issues and see how the larger commercial context affects your business.


Qlik Guided Tour: Hidden Insights in Healthcare Data

With Qlik®, you can discover the whole story that lives within your healthcare data. By bringing together all of your data (even from previously siloed systems), Qlik lets you discover new insights that can improve clinical, operational and financial performance throughout your organization – and provide better patient outcomes.