Qlik Connectors

Qlik Connectors, which now include QVSource, gather and combine data from databases, applications, spreadsheets, websites, and custom sources. Gain extensive insight into your divergent data and enable holistic, data-driven decisions.

Real-time, connectivity technology for any data source



See the whole story that lives within your SAP data.


Built-in connectivity in Qlik Sense allows you to seamlessly complement your salesforce.com deployment.

Qlik recently acquired Industrial CodeBox, the company behind QVSource, and has rebranded them Qlik Web Connectors.

All Data Sources

Data Source Driver/Connector
Actian Vectorwise  Native + Actian ODBC driver
Amazon EC2 Native + EC2 ODBC driver
Amazon Redshift Native + Redshift ODBC driver
Anaplan Native (using REST Connector)
Apache Hive Native
Apache SOLR Native (using REST Connector)
Aster Data nCluster (Teradata Aster) Native + Aster ODBC driver
AtScale Native + AtScale ODBC driver
Attivio Native + Attivio ODBC driver 
Cassandra Native (using REST Connector)
Cloudera Impala Native
Cloudera Search Native (using REST Connector)
Couchbase Native + Couchbase ODBC driver
CSV Native
DataStax Native + DataStax ODBC driver
DropBox Qlik Web Connectors from Qlik Customer Download Site or Qlik Market
EMC Greenplum  Native
Facebook Fan Pages & groups Learn More
Facebook Insights Learn More
Firebird Native + Firebird ODBC driver
FTP/SFTP Qlik Web Connectors from Qlik Customer Download Site or Qlik Market
Google AdSense Learn More
Google AdWords Learn More
Google Analytics Learn More
Google BigQuery Qlik Customer Download Site or Qlik Market
Google Calendar Qlik Web Connectors from Qlik Customer Download Site or Qlik Market
Google DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) Learn More
Google Drive & Spreadsheets Qlik Web Connectors from Qlik Customer Download Site or Qlik Market
HP Vertica Native + HP Vertica ODBC driver
Hortonworks Native + Hortonworks ODBC driver
IBM DB2 Native
IBM Netezza Native + Netezza ODBC driver
Informatica PowerCenter Qlik Customer Download Site
JD Edwards Native + JD Edwards ODBC driver
JethroData Download from Jethro
Klout Learn More
Linkedin Native (using REST Connector)
Mailboxes (IMAP/POP3) Qlik Web Connectors from Qlik Customer Download Site or Qlik Market
MailChimp Learn More
MapR Drill Native + MapR Drill ODBC driver 
MariaDB Native + MariaDB ODBC driver
MarkLogic Native (using REST Connector)
Microsoft Access Native + Access ODBC driver or OLE Provider
Microsoft Excel Native
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Learn More
Microsoft SQL Server Native
MongoDB Learn More
MySQL Enterprise Edition Native
OData Learn More
ODBC Driver - Generic Native
OLE DB Native
Oracle Native
Oracle Essbase Qlik Customer Download Site
PostgresSQL Native
RESTful Web Services Native
Salesforce Native
SAP Learn More
SAS Native + SAS OLE DB Provider or ODBC driver
Sentiment Analysis & Text Analytics Learn More
Snowflake Computing Native + Snowflake ODBC driver
Splunk Native + Splunk ODBC driver
SugarCRM Learn More
Sybase ASE Native
Teradata Native
Teradata TPT Qlik Customer Download Site
Tez (Apache Tez) Native + Tez ODBC driver
Twitter Learn More
Web APIs (JSON, SOAP & XML) Learn More
XML Native
YouTube Analytics Learn More
YouTube Data Learn More

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Looking for an implementation partner?

Qlik partners can provide additional data source connectors for a wide range of sources.

Looking to connect with a data source that’s not on the above list?

Qlik partners have developed additional connectors.