Business Discovery for Utilities

Business Discovery for Utilities

Create New Efficiency in Every Aspect of Business

Improve accuracy of demand and supply forecasts. Track leading indicators to adjust operations to market changes. Exploit sales, marketing and customer service processes reducing the cost to serve. Reduce plant, asset and procurement costs.

Making your data a competitive advantage

Utility companies in power, water, sewer, waste management, and related businesses must accurately predict retail demand while controlling supply and operational costs. The QlikView Business Discovery platform unlocks the answers that will improve business decisions about operations, suppliers, assets, risks, and more that directly impact business performance.

Using the QlikView Business Discovery platform, leading utility companies worldwide can:

  • Optimize value based  asset management, costs and reliability
  • Improve effectiveness and cost of sales, marketing and service delivery
  • Increase insight of customer demand and usage behaviours
  • Leverage smart grid, advanced metering and other industry innovations Improve enterprise governance of risk, safety and compliance programs
  • Ease administrative and IT burdens associated with data analysis and reporting across business functions
  • Increase operational efficiency and lower costs of customer service processes

The QlikView Customer Experience

Discover why more than 100 utility providers are using QlikView to overcome their Business Intelligence (BI) challenges and improve their performance.

With QlikView, we are able to build meaningful applications that offer users across all functions access to information as needed. QlikView has increased everyone’s productivity.”

Ernest A. Botte Director of Information Systems, Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc.

5% reduction in inventory carrying costs

Remove barriers to improving performance

Around the world, utilities are under increasing pressure matching citizens’ demand for energy and water that don't undermine environmental quality. Regulators seek action on smart grid and smart metering initiatives that add intelligence to infrastructure. Customers seek choice and convenience—but without additional costs.

The QlikView Business Discovery platform delivers true self-service BI that empowers business users by driving innovative decision-making.