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Synthesize and align financial and accounting data to increase profitability and transparency, and reduce costs and risks. Uncover unexpected insights that inform financial decisions.

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  • Financial Planning & Analysis

    Optimize forecast visibility to increase revenue and reduce costs

    Collecting and compiling data from multiple departments and sources can create a bottleneck in Finance departments. Qlik for Financial Planning & Analysis helps users create a single, holistic view of planning and budgeting by consolidating data from multiple sources. They can explore business unit performance against financial metrics, blending “top down” and “bottom up” forecasting visibility. And with Qlik, Finance professionals can analyze forecast assumptions and outputs, budgets, and financial plans more easily.

    • Consolidate planning and budgeting data from multiple sources
    • Increase forecast visibility
    • Improve financial decisions by seeing what’s related and what’s not
  • Expense Management

    Increase visibility into cost reduction opportunities

    Identifying opportunities to reduce costs and “do more with less” is a top priority for Finance managers. Qlik for Expense Management helps users understand spending trends and spot opportunities to improve efficiency by consolidating costs and expenses. Finance professionals can increase the speed and accuracy of expense investigations and proactively manage expenses real-time, eliminating reliance on static, high-level reports. And, they can summarize cost data and key expense KPIs in highly visual, interactive charts and graphs, helping to reduce expenses and increase profit.

    • Identify opportunities to reduce costs and expenses
    • Manage and investigate expenses real-time
    • Increase visibility into spending trends
  • Revenue & Profitability Management

    Shift the focus to business decisions that drive profitability

    Eliminating the burdensome process of consolidating and analyzing information helps Finance departments shift the focus to business decisions that help increase profitability and reduce slippage. Qlik for Revenue and Profitability Management helps users test pricing scenarios, compare estimates vs. actuals, and access views anytime, on any device, using trending and what-if analysis. They can create a single view of revenue and profitability from various sources, and increase market opportunity and margins by exploring the data to see what’s related (or not) using Qlik associative search.

    • Deliver a consolidated view of revenue and profitability
    • Maximize revenue, market share, and tradeoffs
    • Reduce slippage
  • Cash-Flow & Balance Sheet Management

    Improve the cash conversion cycle

    Improving the cash conversion process and reducing the number of delinquent accounts helps to increase revenue and reduce costs. Qlik for Cash-Flow & Balance Sheet Management provides highly visual and interactive charts that provide the indicators needed to assess performance. Users can analyze data as quickly as they can ask the questions with click-through and drill-down capabilities. And with Qlik, they can take advantage of comparative analysis to compare multiple cash flows to each other, while excluding other sets of data.

    • Improve cash-flow analysis with integrated, up-to-date information
    • Reduce reliance on month-end reporting
    • Increase balance sheet visibility
  • Compliance & Risk Management

    Deliver greater transparency by integrating data and aligning governance models

    Reducing the internal analytical and data silos is critical to providing business leaders with an enterprise-wide view of compliance and risk. Qlik for Compliance & Risk Management enables users to increase profitability by making unassociated and unexpected business discoveries in ad-hoc compliance and risk investigation. And, with Qlik, they can enable the business to react immediately by enhancing internal controls and mitigating risks before they occur.

    • Align governance models with business strategy for greater transparency
    • Reduce fines, penalties, and fraud
    • Aggregate data to deliver an enterprise-wide view of compliance and risk

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Customer Spotlight for Finance

QlikView allows the data experts in the business to do reporting efficiently without a lot of overhead. The solution’s performance is phenomenal and the business discovery our employers are enabled to do now has had a great impact on our business.

– Jeff Brobst, VP Financial Planning & Analysis, McAfee

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The beauty of QlikView is that we can now see exactly where things are performing well and where things have gone wrong. Before, we had multiple sources and never knew if a reporting problem was just bad data or a real issue. Now we can look at reports to see how the business is actually doing.

– Tom Gill, Regional CIO, Aon Asia

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QlikView has cost us only 20 percent of the price of alternative solutions. The payback period was just a few months.

– Mats-Olov Eriksson, Data Architect,

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The richness of the lines of analysis and the flexibility of navigation gave us new capacities for investigation and moved us ahead in security.

– Jean-Luc Masselin, Director of Internal Control, ABN AMRO

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Our aim was to find a product that promoted self-sufficiency. We wanted a solution that did not require programming or any extensive set-up to create and run reports. We viewed demos of other products in the past, but after seeing the capabilities and features of QlikView, none of those other products compared.

– Kristian Nummelin, Chief Financial Officer, Halton Group

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