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BARC BI Survey 14

When evaluating business intelligence vendors, you have a lot to consider. Let us help simplify your decision. In BARC's BI Survey 14, Qlik ranks #1 in product, performance, and customer satisfaction among large international vendors. Get the report to see where else Qlik outperforms the competition.

Qlik Analyst Report

Analyst Report

Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms

BI vendors are responding quickly to a growing demand for data discovery that’s both user friendly and IT compliant. Download your complimentary copy of Gartner’s report for in-depth analysis of where BI is headed, who the major vendors are, and why Qlik® is positioned in the Leaders quadrant once again.

Gartner Magic Quadrant

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Data and Organizational Issues Reduce Confidence

A recent study by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services found that many business decision makers are feeling undermined by inaccurate, obsolete, and hard-to-access data. In the study:

  • Only 13% were strongly confident in the decisions they make
  • Only 16% were strongly confident in the data behind those decisions
  • Only 8% felt strongly that the important internal and external data they need is available and easy to access

Download your copy of the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report, Data and Organizational Issues Reduce Confidence, to learn why today’s decision makers are desperate for better data.

Harvard Business Review

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Ventana Research: Qlik Sense Makes Sense for Qlik

Tony Cosentino, VP and Research Director at Ventana Research, discusses how and why Qlik has made significant strides with Qlik Sense, the first device-independent, self-service visualization and discovery product engineered for enterprise-class governance and performance.


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Unleash your analytical horsepower: why user-focused companies out perform

We’re all born analysts. And companies that succeed with analytics do more than just throw technology at their users. They clarify, articulate, and deliver on their users’ needs for analytics. Download this Aberdeen report to learn what separates the leaders from the laggards and how top companies are enabling their users through communication, culture, and data exchange.


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2014 Successful BI Survey

The 2014 Successful BI Survey, authored by Cindi Howson of BI Scorecard, monitors BI adoption rates, success, and business impact. It includes rankings of factors that most influence success from both an organizational and technical perspective. Download your complimentary copy to learn how to make your BI deployment more successful and have a higher impact on your business.

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Sales Analytics: Data-Driven Forecasting for Better Quota Attainment

Traditionally, organizations have pressured sales to report on current and pending deals, including anticiapted size and timing. But sometimes emotions get in the way of accurate forecasting. In this Aberdeen report, learn how sales and their operational counterparts can benefit from the adoption of best practices that support the use of sales analytics solutions.


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Time is Money: More of Both with Top-Notch Financial Analytics

It's no secret that Finance departments are rich in data. But even though many financial activities are a natural fit for business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions, making the business case is not always easy. This Aberdeen Analyst Insight highlights the tangible results that Finance can achieve with analytics, and how a sound analytical strategy can lead to faster decisions, better resource utilization, and a healthier cash flow.


Analyst Report

Analytics in Retail & Consumer Industries: Taking a Page from the B2B Playbook

The mind of the consumer is a key focus for retail and consumer product makers everywhere. But with consumers having unprecedented access to information and a variety of competitors to choose from, the quest to understand and predict consumer behaviour has become more challenging. This Aberdeen report explores how the B2B business intelligence (BI) and analytics approach can provide insight and decision support to help retail and consumer industries better understand their consumers.


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Analytics in Telecommunications: The Pressures that Call and the Actions that Answer

Analytics have already made their way into many telecommunications companies - to improve everything from customer experience and sales & marketing to operational efficiency and network performance. This Aberdeen report looks at the pressures driving new business intelligence (BI) initiatives at telecom companies, and compares the strategic outlook of this industry to others.