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A Natural Approach to Analytics

Innovation Insights – 7 February 2014

Today, in our always-connected business and social lives, we often complain of information overload and the deluge of decisions we face. However, when it comes to data analysis, we are naturals.


Why Google Can Not Run The World: Wisdom = Data + Experience

Forbes – 5 February 2014

As Deighton explained to me, it’s not an either/or choice. You can’t make decisions purely based on data. You can’t have “excessive reliance” on experience. You need both. “Don’t follow the data off a cliff.” Find a way to see the data and apply the experience. This is why QlikTech has been so successful with its natural analytics and natural interfaces. They let managers see the patterns and outliers in real time to aid in their decision-making.

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A Crisis of Data Confidence

CIO Insight – 4 February 2014

Many business executives lack confidence in the accuracy of the data they use for business decisions. IT needs to improve the quality of the data and develop self-service apps.

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Austin Fire Department Extracts Value from Data

Government Technology – 30 January 2014

Before implementing a business intelligence solution for data management, the Austin, Texas, Fire Department said it “put data in with a bulldozer and pulled it out with tweezers.”


Omni-Channel Analytics: Fiction or Future – 10 January 2014

Omni-channel is one of the most discussed (and debated) topics in the retail industry. Some proclaim that it is a total game changer, while others say it is simply the rebranding of a multi-channel strategy. I would argue the omni-channel concept is going to redefine the future of retail business intelligence.


Why The Cloud Just Might Be The Most Disruptive Technology Ever

Forbes – 5 January 2014

In his 1997 management classic The Innovator’s Dilemma Harvard professor Clayton Christensen coined the term disruptive innovation. The central premise was that a change in technology can completely change the basic economics of an industry.

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