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Trusted by approximately 33,000 customers worldwide

Trusted by 80,000+ Customers Worldwide

“ In just one and a half days, QlikView allowed us to make data available from Salesforce.com, Peoplesoft, Oracle and Microsoft, as well as build three interactive, dynamic applications that offer end users tangible value. ”

Aon Arjan van den Herik, Aon Groep

Pricing, Revealed

QlikTech gained a reputation as an industry disruptor by approaching things differently from traditional business intelligence vendors. Simplicity, transparency, and the spirit of challenging convention are at the core of the company and it believes both IT and line of business professionals will benefit by understanding not just how it prices software, but why.

Interactive, User-Centric BI

With traditional Business Intelligence, the license model is predicated on the notion that an elite few analysts are "power users" worth the cost of a premium user seat. A less expensive user license is sometimes available, but it severely limits functionality so the user gets little more than a static report or a preconfigured BI dashboard with little interactivity. That philosophy goes against the current trends in business intelligence requiring democratization of software — in which line of business users can become as adept with data analytics tool as any business analyst or developer. This pricing model reflects QlikTech's belief that all BI users can benefit from a fully-functional and interactive QlikView app experience — not just a static data view.

Performance Determines Adoption

Typically, with server-based licensing, a maximum number of users can share the server license before performance suffers and users experience wait times. Similarly, CPU-based pricing also constrains user adoption. As new hardware becomes available, CPU-based pricing discourages organizations from deploying faster servers, thus throttling performance and negatively impacting the user experience. With a relentless focus on the business user, QlikTech works with customers to gain the best server ratios that encourage a positive experience for widespread, ongoing use of its BI dashboard. This approach has consistently won QlikView top marks for performance by the user community.

License Costs are Just the Beginning

When evaluating the cost of business intelligence software, the actual licensing costs are usually a small piece of the full investment. It is the cost of services that can spiral a customer's budget out of control. Consider that for traditional business intelligence tools, the BI services can account for up to 300% or 3X the cost of the software licenses for mid-size deployments, according to Forrester's recommended model for rough estimation of BI services.

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